**Chevy 1500 NO DASH LIGHTS**

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by matt42973, May 30, 2012.

  1. matt42973

    matt42973 New Member

    I understand this has been addressed over and again on this forum, but there are no answers past the basic dimmer or headlight switch replacement. Has anyone with this issue fixed this issue?

    1994 Chevy C1500. It has head/parking/tail lights functional. When the headlight switch is switched on, it there are no dash lights and the HVAC lights go out. I have tested the wires going to both switches and they have power. I have tested & replaced the switches and they have not remedied the problem. The bulbs in the dash have been check/tested and are good. I have not had the opportunity to trace wires yet.

    I would think someone on here has likely come across this and found the answer. Perhaps a specific ground?
  2. matt42973

    matt42973 New Member

    Just getting into looking at this again. All the simple switch & bulb stuff has been ruled out. The harness under the dash has a major bend in it. Looks like I'm tracking wires.
  3. branden

    branden New Member

    I'm having the same problem I have replaced all the bulbs and still nothing I can't figure out why they aren't working. When I took the dash apart I noticed that all the bulbs were burnt out and so I was figured that they just went out but that's not the problem I need help my self but I can't even figure how to post stuff on here
  4. branden

    branden New Member

    And I know there is a short some where cause when I turn on my headlights the stereo lights go out I think it might be my dimmer switch case when I move it now my stereo lights don't dim any more but they used to before I put the new bulbs in

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