Chevy 7.4 engine cut out suddenly

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    RV on 2000 Chevy Express 3500

    Hi, can anyone throw any suggestions at me for the following:

    While driving along I heard a small backfire and the vehicle spluttered like it was running out of fuel but them picked again after a second or two, only to cut out completely a minute later. No arning / fault lights came on. Tank was just over half full.

    I called a roadside repair company. He checked all the fuses in the cab and those under the hood along with the fuel pump relay. He sprayed some 'easy start' into the intake manifold and the vehicle fired up but then cut out so he thought it was fuel pump problem. Vehicle was recovered to a local garage for repair. when they came to look at it the next morning it started first time and runs perfectly. They checked fuel lines and connections and found no problems. Great, except how do I know it won't happen again next week? Vehicle has been trouble free up to this point.

    Any ideas on what to check?

    Woodford Halse
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  3. kandave

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    Thanks - will check pump

    Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I have read the indicated thread and will check out the connections.

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    Hi can anybody shed any furhter light on this:
    I have had a recurrence of the above problem with engine cutting out. Vehicle has completed a number of short trips without incident since we checked the fuel pump however after a couple of hours return trip this weekend the engine cut out while manouevering on the drive. This time I managed to get some codes with a basic reader. Kept trying to start it at two hourly interval, without success, until 22.00 hrs. This morning it fired up, just like it did last time I had the problem.
    7 codes came up. P0336,P0339,P0137, P0141,P0336,P0337, P0339.
    Does this look like a crank sensor issue? Would it simply start again the next morning?


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