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    Ok guys i have not really looked into this but i want to get a heads up first.

    I have a 1996 454 7.4l. Vortec that caught fire after looking into the fire i found that the exhaust manifold on the driverside was cracked and fuel was comeing out of the #2 cyl on that side what is the cause i am thinking fuel pressure mabee?

    Any help would be great
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    Ok, so this is a tbi engine. So it's not raw fuel coming from an injector leak at #2 cylinder. Fuel lines for this engine come up from the back, and for the most part avoid any close proximity to the exhaust pipes. Even with a cracked manifold the only reason to get fuel like that is if your #2 cyl is not firing.

    Now a very strong possibility of engine fire is an oil leak onto the manifold. Loose valve cover bolts or bad valve cover gaskets would leak oil directly onto the manifold. If the oil wasn't changed in some time, it would be rich with unburned fuel due to blow by.

    Just a thought.


    No this is a sfi motor it has 8 injectors and the # 2 cyl is over fueling my question is what controls the fuel injectors and the ammount of fuel it supplys?

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