Chevy Avalanche done in 2013 - last year of production

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    I guess we all probably could have seen the handwriting on the wall as sales for the Avalanche have dropped off, but I read it today at that 2013 is to be the final year for the Avalanche. Anyone interested in buying a new one better get it on their to do list.

    I don't know if anyone else has had any interest in an Avalanche, but the second generation models looked great. I had looked at used ones a bit last year before I got my Sierra, but even used, the prices for late model higher mileage ones were just too high for me. Sadly, it doesn't look like I'm going to be getting my hands on a new one in its last year either.

    Anybody who owns one have any thoughts about what they like/don't like about theirs, what they'll miss when it's time to replace it, and what was the best/worst things about it?
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  3. Jeremy09LTZCrew

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    Wow. I must say, even with a reduction in sales numbers this surprised me. Avalanche owners have been like hockey fans to me... Not as plentiful as other groups, but a lot more passionate and commited. I thought they'd be around for a while. I have a feeling they'll be rather valued 5-10 years down the road with this news. People will always want the flexibility. This makes me sad, and I don't own one.
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    Better go get you one before their gone!
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    Seems like all of the big SUVs/Trucks are having hard times because of rising fuel costs. If gas were still at $1.75/gal we wouldn't be having these discussions. But, alas we live in the world where $5/gal gasoline is a constant threat.
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    I personally have never liked the Avalanche. I always thought they were over priced and a waste to the truck market just like the 4 door S-10s. I never saw the great product that Chevy thought they had.
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    The Avalanche has always been too spendy for what it is -- which hurts the sales figures badly. Then beat the sales figures up even more with high fuel costs and the writing's been on the wall for a while, now. While the news in this thread saddens me, I understand the bottom-line nature of the decision; it is what it is.
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    I was never a big Avalanche fan when they first showed up with all the cladding hung on the sides. Once they offered it with or without it was more in my sights. Although I never did own one I thought the sales were better than what Chevrolet announced judging by as many as seem to be out there. I know there are going to be customers out there that are going to be upset that they are no longer available.
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    All you Av-Haters GTFO!!! LoL :p

    This saddens me alot... I've always LOVED the Av ever since they came out... I actually prefer the Cladded over the "naked" ones... IN my mind the Naked ones are just a 4-door Silverado with a Mid-gate (Which is one of the greatest features!) I'd love the change to get a GM900 series Av, I think they are sexy as hell... Sadly I doubt I'll be able to afford on for a while, with my upcoming wedding and planning to buy a house... lol

    Maybe if they made a Hybrid one, and ran a smaller production, that would be nice... The Hybrid Silverados Tahoes and Suburbans are great vehicles... They may have made a Hybrid Av, but I've never seen one... lol
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    Tempress boat hatches??/

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