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Discussion in 'Chevy Blazer Forum (GMC Jimmy)' started by ChevyFan, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. sks240

    sks240 New Member

    West Tennessee area. 97 Jimmy slt 4WD (stock) & 01 Jimmy sle 2WD (stock/for parts).

    LUVMYJIMMY New Member

    Old new member. Got on years ago, but lost contact. Back now to see how many of our style of trucks are still living and being loved. Also, parts are getting hard to find and an old, old problem is still around on it, so queries will follow. The avatar is the latest photo.
    -two wheel drive.
    -SLT model, Bright White with gray interior. PS, PB, PW, Auto, single rear hatch with window hatch, and that's a 7" GPS in the front window.
    -Radio replaced with aftermarket unit
    -work on it myself: radiator, alternator, fuel pump, intake gaskets, water pump, distributor, seat adjuster handle(s), turn signal stalk, added fog lights, radio speakers, various electrical gremlins. Farmed out rear diff repair.
    -tow a 1.5K utility trailer occasionally.
    -recorded mileage between 16 all the way to 30 mpg.
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    LUVMYJIMMY New Member

    I'm Baaaack! Using LUVMYJIMMY now.
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  4. Maximus127

    Maximus127 New Member

  5. 85K5

    85K5 New Member

    2791.jpeg '85 K5, pearl white with some blue flake, 33" mudders (don't go mudding), 4" lift. 350 5.7l with Vortex Heads. Carbed. 2 3" pipes, all new interior.
  6. JimmyScoots71

    JimmyScoots71 New Member

    Just bought a 71 Jimmy in pretty rough shape, but hopefully I can get her restored over the next few years (most likely decades haha). No motor in it now, but I will probably drop a 350 crate engine in it eventually. Most people think she's butt ugly, but I still love her :p 84954
  7. BustedKnuckles00

    BustedKnuckles00 New Member

    95 blazer 4 door 4x4 working on getting it running

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