Chevy C1500 '94 won't start

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by jordanchap, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. jordanchap

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    Hi everyone, newbie to this forum here. I've recently purchased a 94 C1500 chevy truck from my work--it was an old fleet vehicle. I know next to nothing about cars but I'd really like to learn. I had a mechanic check it out when I first bought it and they said it was in good working condition, other than an oil leak I didn't want to pay to fix... Anyway, I have one problem with the truck since I got it and that is that if I keep the battery connected to the truck it drains it within like 2 days. But that isn't why I'm posting. On Saturday I put the battery in, started up just fine, drove it for a few miles and got to a gas station and put some gas in it. Then it wouldn't start up and hasn't since. No cranking, nothing. I noticed that the temperature gauge shoots up way past maximum when I do try to start the car. Battery is fine, lights go on and such so I don't think it's the battery this time (and the battery gauge does show a charge).

    I don't know if this is related but when it wouldn't start, I had to push it out of the way. I put it in neutral so my friend could push it but I don't think the truck knew it was in neutral because the brakes were still being applied. It was very hard to push. After switching it several times from park to neutral (like 10 times) it finally stopped doing that and I was able to push it fine. I had it towed to my house. Any suggestions would be so appreciated. I can put some money into the thing but I'd like not to have to put too much. Thanks.

  2. James4012

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    Good ol 4L60E transmissions lol. I know they are electronic shift. Um I fooled around with like a 99 model that the electronic shift on the side of the tranny was bad. I had to get under the truck and manually put it into gear. No brakes are applied to a vehicle while it's off and in park. So the reason the back tires were locked is probably cause it wasn't shifting out of park. Unless the brakes calipers are locked up that is. Probably got a shorted out wire somewhere if the battery is like that. Is the battery dead? Does it drain it down. Put it in another vehicle and see if it'll start it. If so, then more than likely a short some where. Check your ground wires off the battery. There's one ground right next to the battery case that bolts to the fender. It also has the head lights grounded their. From my experience, that ground can't be anywhere else. I moved it one time and the truck wouldn't even run right. But yeah, if the battery for sure is good and has a charge, then you got a shorted wire, naked wire grounding out somewhere or something. It's hard to tell if a I can't look at it lol. This is just my guesstimation. Probably not the problem. But I always check the stuff that won't cost me money before moving onto throwing parts at it. Good luck.
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    The problem with these electronic trannys is if you mess with what gear they are in while the battery is not connected the truck becomes totally confused. Remove the battery for about 10 mins or so to let the PCM reset make sure the truck is in park and such.

    Then reconnect and try to start. If it still wont start it may be the neutral safety switch in the tranny it tells the engine it is safe to start because it is in park or neutral.
  4. jordanchap

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    Thanks everyone to posted. I had a friend come over and he took out the starter, tested it, it was fine. However, he noticed that the ground terminal was corroded and scraped it away with a pocketknife, put the starter back in and the baby fired up like a charm. Now I'm selling it to him for 1000 bucks :)

  5. MauryFrench

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    NUTS! I finally had an answer and you figured it out already. I have seen it a lot where a dirty or corroded cable gives all kinds of weird symptoms.

    Oh well, next time.
  6. jordanchap

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    That's funny. :) Thanks though for the help. Funny how something so small and simple was causing the whole darn thing to not start. I got a hitch put on my highlander and got a trailer instead... I miss the truck though, it was fun to drive around and beat the heck out of it.
  7. MauryFrench

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    Yep, I understand. I will drive my truck until it dies probably.

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