Chevy C5500 Kodiak Problem

Discussion in 'Medium-duty Truck Forum' started by calvac, Mar 28, 2010.

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    We have a Gulfstream MH on a 2004 Chevy C5500 chassis. When we were coming home from our trip last night at about 55 mph there was bump/surge from the motorhome and all the red panel lights lit up like it does when you turn on the key to start it. Then the panel lights all went off except two (the battery light and the airbag light). The engine remained running during all of this. We stopped and raised the hood, but there was no burning smell and I couldn't notice anything visibly wrong. Since we were only about 50 miles from home we decided to try to make it home, which we did. The two lights mentioned above stayed on the entire time. Thinking this might be an alternator problem I didn't turn the engine off until we got it parked at home. I was afraid it wouldn't restart if I turned it off.

    This morning I was able to start the motorhome with no problem with no red lights burning. I left it running for a while to see if the lights would come back on, but none did. If this is an alternator problem do you think it would have started this morning?

    Looking for help with this problem!

    Thanks, Carl
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    Bumping this unanswered thread. Anyone have anything?
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    That big ol bus should run along time on battery power. How many battery does it have? It could be bad battery connections,starter connection,or the alternator. Good luck..

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