chevy center console sub replacement???

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by txmj83, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. txmj83

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    I have a 2006 cerewcab with the bose center console subwoofer. I would like some more bass. has anyone replaced this with a better sub??
    I know you would have to use a differnt amp. JL audio has a replacement and box but it cost way to much. I'm thinking more or useing same box????? anyone got any ideas??
  2. SurrealOne

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    Your crew cab offers you some options as there's enough room for you to do things behind the rear seats if you don't want to give up the under-seat location beneath the rear seats. I didn't have that option as mine's an extended cab AND as I have lockable storage under my rear seats.

    The "sub" for the bose system is like a 5" speaker (as best as I can recall) and that's it. It's pure junk and a waste of space. You'd be hard-pressed to replace it with anything larger without completely gutting the duct work under the console (which provides heat/AC to the rear portion of the cab) and building a custom box. If you were going to go that route you'd be best-served to go with JL's 10W3v3 stealth sub box as that's exactly what it's intended for.

    I have installed JL's stealth sub box. It's non-trivial. You're going to ditch all ducting to the rear of the cab if you want to use it. For a specialized box I feel it's reasonably priced, as it's made specifically to fit under the console and IS NOT just a plain-jane box with a sub in it (like people slap under their rear seats). It comes with all instructions and hardware needed to install it but you'd best be fairly good with a dremel or an air saw as milling under the center console is required.

    However, if I had a crew cab I'd be looking for shallow subs to go behind the rear seats if I didn't want to give up the under seat location .... or I'd give up the space under the rear seats to emplace two subs with the amp for them inbetween them. I wouldn't want to give up the ducting in a crew cab. It made sense in my extended cab as there's rarely anyone in the back seats and I had VERY specific requirements. You have more options and should use them.

  3. txmj83

    txmj83 New Member

    ok thanks. i have two sub back there now. but i think they are the wrong ones cause they are weak,really weak i guess i will look into some different subs, thanks again.

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