Chevy Conversion Vans [Expired Topic]

Discussion in 'Chevy Express Forum (GMC Savana)' started by ChevyFan, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Just a thread to begin the overall discussion on Chevy Conversion Vans.

    the more and more I look at these, the more I like them.
  2. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Reserved for 2nd post.
  3. retired2001

    retired2001 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    I had a '78 3/4 SWB van I "converted" myself. It was really a great vehicle for campingk, traveling, etc. The new conversion vans are really nice.
  4. tbplus10

    tbplus10 Epic Member Staff Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    For a short time I had a 97 Chevy Regency conversion van, we bought it and shipped it to Italy when we transfered there. It was a great driving vehicle but was larger than almost everything on the road in Europe (even local delivery vehicles) and I had problems finding places to park it.
    While we owned it it made a great travel vehicle, we camped in it all across Europe. I traded it straight across to a local for a Ferrari.
  5. Dezzmo

    Dezzmo Member

    It seems to me that these conversion vans are getting better and better each year. Every time I look at the new models that come out they appear to have bigger flat panel TV's, better seats, better interiors, etc...

    For a while I was thinking about buying one to haul my bikes around. Of course I'd have to remove and sell the rear seats. On the downside, there's too much side glass for what I need.

    But I hear that you can have one built exactly to your liking. Is this true?
  6. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I'd love to get a chance to review one on a road trip and do a review from the open road.

    As it's getting more and more expensive to fly anywhere (and more of a hassle) I think these make perfect sense for the 1-day drive, which anyone in a metro area can agree with. If I were to fly to Austin or San Antonio from Dallas. I have to drive 40 minutes to get to the airport, check in and go through security (1 hour??), board and taxi then take-off. Fly there. Land and get off, get my luggage and a rental car ... it's just as easy to drive there with 1/2 the stress.
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