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  1. jdchet

    jdchet Member

    My wife drives a 2007 Equinox. After owning a 2003 Monte Carlo SS (what a nice car that was, but try puttin' a grandkid in a car seat in the back seat of one!)she is not impressed, to say the least, with her Equinox! I also would much rather be tooling around in my Silverado than the "Snox"!!That being said........the Equinox is not the kind of car that you will get excited about, but it does many things very well! You can fit a ton of crap or 4 generously sized adults and their crap in a "Snox" comfortably! Ride and handling are decent and the price is pretty close to a bargain IMO! The transmission is really smooth and the V-6 is quite peppy! The AWD is very good in bad weather. My only true beef with the Equinox is the fuel economy could be better! The wife and I just took a short trip for the weekend to visit her family and we decided to take our 19 month old granddaughter along for the visit. Well I was looking forward to another ride in the Silverado, but she put the kibosh (she does really like the Silverado) to that! Well puttin' a baby in a car seat in the back seat of an extended cab Silverado is not nearly as easy as in the back seat of the "Snox"! Plus our crap stayed dry in the back of the "Snox" versus the outdoors exposure of my "tonneauless" Silverado. After the trip I was glad we took the "Snox".Don't tell her I admitted that she was right!
    Definetely a car to consider at a price (about $25,000) that is not too bad by today's standards.
  2. NHSilverado

    NHSilverado Former Member

    I have heard/read about beefs with the MPG in the Equinox. Usually it is 05 and 06 models( there are PCM flashes available via TSB's that deal with city MPG and transmission shift points to try and help overall MPG on the early models ). Less so with 07 and haven't heard any issues with the 08's. Frankly I have been very happy with the MPG I have received so far in my 08. While I still miss a FS truck I have to say the room in the Equinox is excellent and I have been blown away by how it has handled the bad winter we have had. Absolutely 100% honest here - this AWD Equinox has handled blizzards and Nor'Easters every bit as well as any 4X4 I have owned. Just GREAT in the snow.

    Back to MPG...

    So far, based on my overall fuel consumption to date, I am averaging a hair under 20 MPG( 19.89.... )for 60% city and 40% highway. When my driving is mostly city I see around 17-18 and when it is more highway I have seen 21-22 MPG. Actually, I just filled today after about 30 % City and 70% highway( I consider 45 MPH+ highway )and I got 21.9 MPG. I would have seen about 15-16 MPG in the truck for the same driving. The absolute worst I have seen was 14 MPG and that was 100% city stop and go driving with 3 hours of idle time( don't ask why :neutral: ). I have only made one all true 55 MPH+ highway trip but got 28.2 MPG on that. I am actually seeing slightly above what the vehicle is rated at overall and was very impressed with the one highway trip.

    The Equinox is only rated at 17 City and 24 Highway( earlier models using the older EPA ratings were 19 & 25 - those equal out to the 08 ratings using the new system the EPA uses ) with a 19 average and it delivers on those numbers. I think too many people expect more from them MPG wise then they are designed to give. The Equinox is heavy at approx 3900 lbs and that really hurts MPG in city driving especially. Now, I do think MPG could be better if GM worked on it and I certainly hope the new model due out for late 09 as a 2010 model will be improved and more inline with what the competition gets for MPG. The Saturn SUV's with larger engines and more HP in the same basic body get better MPG. The 3.4L is an outdated engine that needs to go although it is plenty peppy. Just pretty much maxed out for fuel economy.

    Overall for what I paid( $24K )I think it has been a good vehicle at least to this early point( 1500 miles ). I don't expect luxury options and performance from a base entry level vehicle. I also, as said, find the MPG to be acceptable at least based on the ratings. I am getting what is claimed or better so no complaints here.
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  3. Clementi

    Clementi New Member

    Hey, I'm putting a new stereo in my friend's 05 equinox and it's different from my Toyota. There are two wiring harnesses going into the stereo instead of the just one on my car. Rather than just mess around until I figure it out, I was wondering if you could tell me what each of them are.
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  4. NHSilverado

    NHSilverado Former Member

    Sorry I don't have a wiring diagram to tell you what goes where. If you visit the site I will post below and register you can talk with a member there( kenneth I believe is his user name )that did a radio install on an Equinox and he spliced it rather than using a plug and play wiring kit. He should be able to help you out.

    Couple notes...

    1 - If you contact with the year, make and model of your vehicle and tell them the mfg and model of the radio, as long as it is a brand they deal with, they should be able to sell you an installation kit for like $40-$50. The kit would come with mounting, plug and play( for the most part )wiring, and install directions. They provide them free if the radio is purchased from them but you can buy the kits seperate. I strongly urge you to consider this as it removes the need to splice or tap into the factory wiring harness. Just plug and play. When your friend goes to sell the Equinox or if he wants to change the radio back to stock it is easy. NO wiring to repair.

    2 - You are going to need a special adapter harness to make the warning/door chimes function. On newer GM's the chimes are actually run through and by the radio head unit. If you replace it and don't use the adapter( with a built in Dinger :glasses: )you will lose all warning signals in the vehicle( ie; door ajar with key in, seat belts, warning notice, etc... ).

    3 - If the vehicle was ordered with the OnStar option( was option in 05 not standard )you also need another adapter harness. Without it your OnStar will not work properly as it too runs through the factory headunit.

    4 - If you have radio controls on the steering wheel you will need yet another adapater harness for them to work if the radio you are using supports it.

    * - Crutchfield can supply you with all the adapters you need. They are not cheap however. Could run you $300+ but it is the ONLY way for these thinsg to work if they are in your friend's Equinox.
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  5. eqm08

    eqm08 New Member

    new guy

    i just bought an 05 equinox and its great i also have a 92 yukon 4x4 and its hard to chose which one i like better
  6. Clementi

    Clementi New Member

    Thanks NHSilverado, I got the stereo working but two problems came up.

    1. Long story short, I need a new male wiring plug for the hazard lights/ turn signals. It's the brown plug with 8 wires coming out of it. Anyone know a site I could find one?

    2. The radio antenna wouldn't plug into the female plug on the Kenwood headunit, is there an adapter I need?

  7. NHSilverado

    NHSilverado Former Member

    1 - try rock auto. If they don't have it chances are you won't find it outside the dealer. If you can't locate it in the online catalog give them a call or e-mail and ask. They have a TON of this stuff but sometimes it can be hard to locate on their web site the way it is set up. You can also try any of the various online or local salvage yards as well.

    2 - Here are the two antenna adapters for 86-UP GM vehicles. Says you need both( I would think one would work but? )...
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  8. Clementi

    Clementi New Member

    Thanks again. I see I just need one of the radio adapters- the one that is motorola male and GM female.

    Rockauto doesn't have the part I need, do you think the dealership is going to try to charge me some ridiculous amount for a simple plug with 8 wires?
  9. NHSilverado

    NHSilverado Former Member

    Unfortunately, yes. Try a salvage yard.
  10. Easy Xjer

    Easy Xjer New Member

    Have 2 -05 Nox's both LT's. One with 70k other with 40k. Had to replace the Chinese headgaskets on the high miler at 68,000. Ride is great, corners great, pretty good mileage at 22 highway@75-85 mph cruise. CONS hate the useless worthless center console. Would also like to have better control over trans,steep downhills have no option to use 3rd gear for braking. Any electrical engineers out ther can figure out how to make a manual 3rd gear switch?
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