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  1. jay2dc

    jay2dc New Member

    New guy

    New to the site, looks good so far. I have a 2005 Equinox AWD LT and i love it.
    Everythings stock on it (with the exception of Sylvania SilverStar Ultra headlights),
    im new to the car upgrade scene so im learning stuff slowly.
    Im thinking about possibly installing a new muffler or exhaust with a deeper tone (not too loud), possibly get a new air intake system, then try and find some chrome handles, side mirrors, remote starter slightly dark tint on the front windows. i wanna make it look good, but practical.
  2. jay2dc

    jay2dc New Member

    I have the old 05 equinox, and ive had minor probs like the degrading fuel economy and off-starts and such, not so much transmission shifts though. im going to have it tuned up and such in 2k miles (thatly take it to over 60k) or so to see if it helps much. I read that also having a new pcm installed and programmed can fix these problems... but i was wondering what you mean by "flashes" for the pcm off the service bulletins?
  3. clifford

    clifford New Member

    2005 Equinox

    I own a 2005 Equinox AWD 6 cylinder - bought it brand new (3-1/2 years ago) - ever since brand new I have gotten 29.5 MPG - still check it now and am still getting 29.5 MPG -- I live in the country so it is country road driving and small town driving.
  4. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    SHOUT OUT if you have an Equinox!
    Equinox parts

    Who's sporting a NOX? Come on now!
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  5. Equinox_Grandma

    Equinox_Grandma New Member

    I am a "newbie" to this site. :sign0144: We have an 06 Equinox and an 03 Avalanche.

    I've been searching for any post that relates to water problems in the 06 NOX ... specifically we found a bunch of water (now ice :gasp: ) in the spare tire compartment. Figure we'll to take the NOX into a GM dealer, and would be curious as to anyone else who may have had the same problem, and how it was fixed.

    My Google search found several possible causes: 1) grommets inside rear body panel, 2) leaks under rear "spoiler", and 3) leaks from the tiny hoses at the bottom of the tailgate.

    Any thoughts / guidance would be appreciated ... as we'd like to have the problem repaired in a single visit (versus trial-and-error :grrrrrr: )
  6. BINGO53

    BINGO53 New Member

    The "optional "hot tub" is a KNOWN problem with Equinox up to '07, The water comes in through a bad seal at trailer wiring harness in taillight lens. If your dealer says hes never heard of it, go elsewhere. You can comb other forums and find it discussed at Lent. (Try Equinox Central)
    Remove the tire cover and spare, set aside. Then very carefully pull up the padding and let it air dry/sun dry a couple days. have the dealer make the fix. Reinstall cover/padding Then continue with many happy motoring days ahead in your very good vehicle.We've enjoyed our "ultimate grocery getter" since we bought it new.

    BINGO53 :great:
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  7. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Thanks for joining up to the site. Hopefully you got your questions answered and we can provide information on repair and how to get the dealer to do this. Not sure if it's a recall or just a TSB.
  8. Equinox_Grandma

    Equinox_Grandma New Member

    Thanks for the guidance. It's gonna be real tough to get to the padding under the spare tire, as I have 2-3 inches of ice there. I'm debating just calling the local dealer and seeing if they can thaw out the ice (my NOX is parked outside), as it'll be months before this ice will melt on its own.

    Interesting about a possible TSB. Maybe I can at least have the dealer not charge me shop rates while my NOX thaws out
  9. ferg's04

    ferg's04 Rockstar

    my wife has an 05 equinox. if i didn't have a real suv (04 tahoe), i would like it better. it just was not built with the same amount of convenience in mind(window operator location, seat stiffness, cup holders)
  10. chevy_nox

    chevy_nox New Member

    We have an 05 Equinox, because my wife liked the one her sister had. Unfortunately, she did not consider the wear and tear was much greater since she drives 25K a year and her sister drives 3K a year (if that). All the painted plastic pieces are scratched an horrible looking from her rings - it is the cheapest interior I have ever seen.

    It currently has 112K on it and it has failed emission testing two years in a row. Last year, cleaning the EGR valve worked. This year it did not and I spent a lot of time finding a new one only to notice the tube fromt he exhaust to the EGR valve is now broken. At $400+ for the EGR valve and almost $200 for the tube, I had to go through some junk yards before I found them. Even then, the car barely passed before the code was thrown again, but luckily it did pass. CEL been on ever since.

    Also, the heat stopped working and it would cost at least $800 to change the blend door ($45 part), so we have just not driven it this winter when the temperatures have been cold.

    Other than the issues above, the car has been very reliable and drives pretty well.

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