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    from the little I know about these tech II programer tools is the programer has no brain. all the data is downloaded THREW the Tech II into the PCM. the data is send for a specific vin #. so if a 2005 dash console is installed into the 2004 vehicle under a warantee program then the data sent to the vehicle will have the proper program 2005 instructions for that dash console.
    cost for the programing from GM for the tech II is over 3,ooo.oo.....all the programing is not sent to memory . every time you use the tool it is just an interface tool , and therefore must connect with GM site.

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    the people that repair these dash panels state that if the dash indicator goes out and comes back on intermittently that the problem is with the car wiring. could also be a bad fuse or socket. also a bad ground. check the body ground inder the driverseat on the frame rail.

    good luck finding it.
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    When my cluster died out, I had a guy from send me a re-manufactured cluster. It came with the tranny temp gauge, white back lay, as wheel as red needles. Looks great and the tranny gauge worked without a trouble.
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    When your cluster died out did it completely go out, or did you just have problems with the stepper motors or did none of your cluster work?
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    no it completely died. no speedo, tach, anything. Had to count the gears out for the long hauls, and was fun guessing my speed and gas levels for a month haha.

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    It acted very similar where it wouldn't work, then only certain things would work, then all would work. Thats until it completely died.
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    There's a bit of luck involved with that, as I understand it. Some PCM's have the trans gauge enabled while others do not.

    That's very much appreciated!

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