Chevy k1500 problems shutting off

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by Camochevy, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. Camochevy

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    Hey guys, so the past few days I've been having some problems with my truck and I haven't been able to solve the problem no matter what I do. What happens is that I'll be driving down the road and for no reason the engine will just shut off on me. I've taken it to a shop a few times because I got frustrated not being able to determine the problem and then they tell me they can't tell what the problem is because when I get it towed there they turn it on fine and there's no problem! Also it might be useful to know that sometimes when it shuts off I can start it back up fine, other times I can't and the way I get it to start again I jump it and it'll turn on.
  2. Conlan Rose

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    You should have the alternator and battery load tested. Also check all grounds and power cables to make sure there are no connections coming lose. Also check fuel pressure.

    BTW what's the year of this truck and what engine and drive train does it have so other members can easily helpout.
  3. Camochevy

    Camochevy New Member

    Okay thanks I'll try that when I get home! And it's a 1990, it's a 350 5.7 tbi engine

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    Also it might be helpful to know that the guy I bought it from installed a bunch of aftermarket lights probably from Walmart. I'm not too knowledgeable about electrical stuff so I haven't messed with or looked at that yet but that could possibly be the problem. What are you guys' thoughts? also another thing is when its stalled and im trying to start it the in-dash volt meter says its very low but the radio and lights still work. I also got a new battery and alternator both about a month ago. I appreciate you guys' input!
  4. the phantom

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    when you go to restart it does it generally turn over quickly, or does it act like the battery is getting to much draw? I cant imagine that your battery and alternator are the cause since you just changed it and its happening randomly. Sounds like a possible short somewhere that is not allowing spark causing the engine to die. Then by chance its not shorted it starts and your good to go until the possible wire short touches ground again and the truck dies again. Follow all the big cables (especially positive) to all ends and make sure theyre not rubbing on the frame, check by the manifold all the way to the starter. Be sure the wire going to the alternator is tight and theres no corrosion on any of the connections. A short that is momentarily happening, if its been that way awhile generally begins to show green or blueish corrosion. Hope ya figure it out good luck.
  5. edsmagichands

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    Did you fix it? if not, i might have a couple ideas for you.

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