Chevy Silverado 1500 or 1500HD or 2500--- 5.3 vs 6.0l

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Chrys256, Sep 25, 2012.

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    Hi Im curious to see a couple things about these trucks. I did have an 05 Silverado 1500 extended till a wall got in the way on the freeway and am forced to purchase a replacement. Ive been looking at 03-07 obs 1500,1500HD and 2500 6.0.

    I had a 5.3 with K&N CAI, Poweraid Spacer, superchips cortex, eaton trutrac with 4.10 and 33in tires with all that i averaged about 18-19 on the highway doing about 75. when towing 7000lb trailer(which pushed me in to the wall) with proper setup and airbags i got about 10-13

    I'm just curious if i should stick with the 5.3 with the same setup minus the spacer. or if i should move up to a 6.0. I would like to stay somewhere around the same MPG with the same upgrades

    will eventually tow a trailer again but a smaller lighter one

    looking at a crew cab and possible 4X4

    i just want to make an informed decision

    thanks in advance
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    That was a great thread you wrote up thanks. I have the 2500 6.0L and love it myself. The truck will tow anything you put behind it and I also have a gooseneck hitch for the bigger trailers. When I hook up my boat trailer the suspensions does a great job handling it, it doesn't even squat an inch when I measured it. The only thing I would say would be the mpg's that can hurt but its a truck meant for towing. I get about 12-13 in the city and 15-16 highway. I'm waiting on my BlackBear tune to see what it'll do with that. But either way you can't go wrong with those trucks. You just have to ask yourself if you plan on hauling big loads or not. If so probably want to step up to one of the 6.0L's than just the 5.3.
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    @Chrys256 Just be sure to check the 6.0L package. The 6.0L Vortec Max towing package includes a rear-suspension from the light duty 2500 vehicles (semi-floating 9.5" rear axle, which is beefier than the 5.3's setup). Lots of little differences can result in a vastly different towing experience. The fact you're using airbags suggests you know all about this, but I thought it would be worth mentioning.

    My 6.0L VortecMax engine (LQ9) is very different than the 6.0L engine found in the 2500 in the same model year. It gets about 20 more HP on the base, and has more torque. With the tune, exhaust, and intake, it really opened it up. My buddy has a 6.0L engine from in a 2500 from a previous year (same engine as the 2006 2500, though). His towing capacity in the 2500 is actually a couple hundred pounds less than mine. His mileage on the highway tops out around 15...The weight just kills him. (The 2500 chassis is just bigger.) The power-to-weight ratio means when I push the pedal while trailering, I'll dust him up a hill under exactly the same conditions. I love it. :) There's nothing like passing a 6 cylinder honda mini-van up a hill in a Chevy 1500 while towing 33 feet and 10,000 pounds of trailering. Makes me giggle every time.:) Their eyes are just huge, like dinner plates!

    With the gasser, I also find my power band is at 4000RPMs, which means I'm towing the same weight at a higher RPM for the torque... which ALSO translates to a higher speed (4000RPM is about 55 MPH in 2nd gear). I'll go 55 MPH up the 7.5% grade hill and pass the diesel engines towing similar rigs. Their power band keeps them at 1800RPMS or less results in most of them climbing at that 7.5% grade hill around 35-40MPH. When I meet them at the gas station (them coming in, me going out!), they just shake their heads and ask "What the #$*&% do you have in that thing?" When I say, "6.0L gas engine." A jaw drop is not uncommon. When they get their senses back, and tell me "yeah, but I'll bet your mileage sucks" and I tell them I get 9 to 12MPG at highway speeds while towing (better going slower), and 18-20 unloaded. Drop jaw #2 occurs. I LOVE my Chevy. :)

    If I were towing 20Klbs... Yeah, I'd need a different rig. But not for 10K!


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