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    I need advice on setting up a Chevy Silverado 1500 WT with a 4.8L for towing. I need to figure out how to determine the rear diff gear ratio. It is a 4x2. I think it has the 3.23 gears which are probably going to go and be replace with 3.73 gears. I’m going to install a Reece receiver hitch next weekend as my truck does not have one. With the 3.23 gears my max towing capacity is 5200lb with the 3.73 gears its listed as 7200lb. I really don’t see myself hauling 7klb that often but it may happen. I purchased a utility trailer rated for 7k lb max weight. I am going to be hauling lots of lumber and fire wood as well as motorcycles and camping gear around the country. How much should I expect to pay to have the gears switched from 3.23 to 3.73? Also under normal driving without hauling a load how much should this affect my MPG? Also would It be worth it to get a tuner and or install a performance air intake and a cat back exhaust? Also what other equipment should I look into or should I install for towing? Transmition cooler? Oil cooler? anti-sway bars? Or will that be a waste of money? Next year I may also be purchasing a new truck Im looking at a Chevy 2500 diesel. Not that I need a diesel it’s more of I just want it. If I do I will be keeping this truck. I don’t want to go too crazy dumping money into it if I buy a new truck towing capacity will not be a problem and my current truck will probably just be used for around town and work and such.


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    Inside your Glove Box is a White Sticker, which is your.....Service Parts ID Tag.....and on it you will see your Trucks Vin Number # and Series of Letters and Numbers those are RPO Codes stands for.....Regular Production Options.....In short what your Truck came with from the Factory.

    To find out which Gears you have, you will be looking for the one Following,

    and if you see.......G80 that is the AXLE POSI-TRACTION, LIMITED SLIP.....

    To add a little more could look at doing the Following,
    .....Headers....Long Tube
    .....Cat Back Exhaust
    ......A Tune.....either Hand-Held or Custom.....also I would look at going with a set of Rear Air Bags, I have them on truck, and they have been one of the Best Upgrades/Mods I've done to help with Towing My Boat....I'm guessing that if your Adding a Hitch Receiver, then your truck does not have the Factory Tow can check for RPO Code.....Z82 in your Glove box....which is the Factory Tow Package.
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    Thanks! Those codes help out a lot. Gerrr unfortunately mine has the 3.23 gears. Any idea how much it will cost to switch to 3.73? I’ve been told switching gears on rear ends is best left to the pros. Also how bad would 4.10 gears rape my MPG? Don’t think I need that but it will probably make it accelerate like a mad man.

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    Regarding the Cost of switching gears, Sorry I don't have any idea on what it would Cost???......hopefully one or more of the other member's will pipe-in with some information for you on this..........on Fuel mileage with 4.10's......its hard to say as all trucks are different, But you will take a hit.......if you don't have a Transmission Cooler, check out the below Link, it is mine from when I swapped out the Factory Trans. Cooler for a Larger Aftermarket Trans. Cooler.....
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