Chevy Suburban with GMC grille

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  1. Pikey

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    I saw one of these the other day at my church. I took a pic of it and will try to post it later. It was definitely not aftermarket. Looked pretty cool

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    here it is
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    No longer working Mike
  3. Pikey

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    What the heck. It looked fine last night. It said to contact an administrator. I guess that I will have to ask @Steve what is up with it, it is beyond me as a moderator. This is like the third time in a week that I posted a pic and it turned into some weird attachment that ends up dead. like below is now turning into a link rather than a pic. when I click it the link is dead, but when I edit the post the picture shows up. I think that I fixed the pic in the post 2 above this one.

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  4. Manta22

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    Found a pic. It looks like it came from down south, but the ones I have seen locally have CO plates.

    I saw one today, but it was going the opposite direction on the interstate.
  5. Pikey

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    I was looking around the web for this because I was really interested in learning about it. From what I can find they only came on trucks made in Mexico with an export designation for the Mexican Domestic market. They were never sold new in the USA like that. From what I could find, the aftermarket companies called them a "Cat eye grill". I guess that they are pretty hard to come by. I could not find anyone manufacturing them anymore. I found a pic of one of the conversions online.


    I guess they do a lot of things for the Mexican market that never gets sold new here. While looking I found this, it is a 2004 Suburban with what looks to be an Avalanche or newer Silverado front end.


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