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  1. NewbieD

    NewbieD New Member

    I currently own a 2012 Chevy Tahoe LT.
    I am looking to replace the factory stock 17" rims and tires with 20" or 22" rims w/tires.

    What is the maxium size I can place on my stock 2012 Tahoe? I dont know much about the Tahoe and the rim sizes, I have done a little research and have found that you can put up to 24" rims on the Tahoe. But I was not sure if I need to add anything to the vehicle to get the 20" or 22" rims on? Will this cause rubbing against the car? Do I need to recalibrate the speedometer or anything?

    Any help would be great.

  2. Pikey

    Pikey Moderator Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    It would depend on what size tire you are going to put on the rims. I would assume that you could put any size rim on it (not smaller than stock) as long as the rim and tire combination does not excede the stock tire dimensions. You could run a 24's but may have to have rubber bands mounted to them so they don't rub. If the circumference of your new tire and rim combo is the same as stock then you will not have to do a speedo change. If it is different then you would have to do a program change, which is easiest with a programmer like a Diablo intune or one comparable. [MENTION=34858]Enkeiavalanche[/MENTION] may be able to assist more on this.
  3. K15 Blazer Guy

    K15 Blazer Guy Member 2 Years 100 Posts

    yeah dude, big rims look retarded....
    we call them "donkers" cause of that stupid ethnic term for big asses "ba-donk-a-donk"
    like oh look, a donker... oh look, a dumbass lol
    plus they ride like and handle like ****
  4. ron8879

    ron8879 New Member

    classy k15 blazer guy...everyone is entitled to their opinion but just because someone likes something you dont dont mean its stupid. I personally dont like large 33 and 35 tires on trucks and have heard others say its because that person is over compensating for something (or lack of something)...personally I think everyone just has different could at least be classy about having a different opinion without insulting someone for theirs.

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