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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Chad513, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Is it true that GMC has more rivets on the frame then a Chevy truck of the same model? For example the Chevy Silverado 1500 compared to the GMC Sierra 1500. My friend and I got into an arguement on who has a better built frame and he told me that.
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    How would your friend know that?

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    He probably counted all the rivets:lol: Nah, each frame is the identical. The only differences are cosmetic ones.
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    What everyone else said, the frames are identical, as are most of the parts on GMCs and Chevys. The myth that GMCs are "built better" is just that, a myth.
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    What is your friend smoking?
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    same truck, motor, tranny just a different cosmetic look. you take the body work off both and you won't know the difference.
  8. Not to start a dispute or anything but just because the components are the same doesn't necessarily mean that GMCs aren't built better. Is there any info on the time that is spent on assembly? Because if there is more time spent on a GMC than it would be a better rig. I have a Chevy so I am slamming myself but I have heard this from multiple GMC owners (who may just be trying to justify spending more on their rigs) so it is worth looking into. So does GM spend more time on a GMC truck than they do with a Chevy?
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    My Aunt works at the Arlington TX. GM plant as a QA inspector and she says theres no difference between the two trucks, they both spend the same amount of time on the assembly line and in most cases are literally built side by side.
    At times the assembly line will be fully taken over by one brand or the other if theres a pending sale or regional shortage that needs to be corrected.
    Other than minor differences with sheet metal, badging, and packaging their the same truck.
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    Why does a longer cycle time mean a better built product? There are many variables that go into a line speed, and just because it takes longer to build a product does not make it superior by any means. More often than not, that product has not been engineered very well (or for manufacturability) and there are problematic parts/assemblies. I have always heard that GMC was a "step up" between the brands, but majority of the parts are standardized.

    To the OP, why would more rivets make it a better frame? They would be the weakest link fastener wise compared to a bolted design, welded, solid, hydroformed, etc.

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    Thanks for sharing! Glad to see GM has flexible manufacturing:great:

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