China makes a copy of the f-150, whats next?

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by Pikey, Feb 9, 2012.

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    objective view

    hi guys just looked at several threads and gotta say why bash ford trucks ! china may well be making look a like f-150s because they sell so many here in america ! I would not buy a ford truck but millions do, and they are good trucks just like your chevy ! personally i think gm needs a redesign of the current silverado cause it is butt ugly!! Ford is not much better but is better looking . i realize looks are subjective but if chevy trucks looked like dodge trucks they would sell a million a day !! Gm has great drivetrains !! dont mean to offend anyone just my opion .
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    I dont call my self a Ford basher, ive owned a few. I used to think the super duty was the best looking pickup on the road until the stylists recently destroyed the looks with the most HORRIBLE looking front grille i have seen. I just dont see whats so great about the F-150 when you can go out and buy a
    Silverado. As far as looks, the NBS silverado and suburban/tahoe have a timeless look. They look good now and will look good 5 years from now. As far as dodge goes, They are FUGLY.
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    umm i love fords, they are the only ones that haven't stolen any of america's tax dollars and then filed for bankruptcy. i even own a 90 tbird sc. i have 9 other 89-92 t-birds that i bought and broke down into boxes to ensure i have a lifetime supply of parts. other than an explorer ford just does not have an appealing large suv. the explorer is nice and all but way to small for my audio needs to the suburban fits the bill. the next truck/suv that i will buy will be a ranger extended cab short bed and ill snug the bed to the cab for my audio gear. of course it will also have to be 4X4. i cant live without that. i refuse to ask anyone for a tow. so far i haven't had to once. i have had to use some of my other trucks to get the stuck truck out but i dont count that as a tow when its still you using your own trucks:)

    i do also have at my disposal a 97explorer 4x4 awd(the 1 with the 302 that the mustang tards want) and a 03 chevy pick up 2x4. i will say it seem that the suburban gets the most miles though. out of everything i have to drive the suburban feels the best.
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    Ford played a different game. They stayed away from opening their books and made a backroom deal with the government to supply fleet vehicles . That is how they got their hidden bailout.
    Why would the government not buy fleet vehicles from Chrysler and GM to balance the bail out? I know it would make too much sense. Instead of backing their loans they bought from the competitor giving the appearance that Ford didn't get bailed out. They did. Just behind closed doors. Not in the open media as the other s did.
    I will put a 283 against a 302 any day or night for that matter. In the old days Chevy was really "Like A Rock. One had to work real hard to blow a 283 up.
  5. mudpuppy

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    back in the day yes, i agree chevy was far better. today there is no comparison. newer ford 302's surpass most anything chevy is putting out. yes ford provided fleet auto's, they had the contract before the bailout deals came about. they almost lost it, the government wanted to default on the contract. ford did some back room strong arm tactics to force the government into accepting there contract. the big thing that help ford was stopping lost cause projects unlike chevy with its way over priced dangerous volt. government motors has been lowering quality and raising prices non-stop for the past 3 years. my father age of 61 has had chevy since he was 17years old. he is now thinking of buying a ford because of chevy's insane prices. old chevy ill agree cant be beaten. newer chevy is not the chevy that we all loved and grew up with.
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    We should copywrite everything to the point that if China build something remotely close to what we have they have to pay us royalties. That and we should make them pay taxes on anything they ship here.
  7. Coach24

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  8. donyms

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    I am not even going to try to be politically correct here. The Chinese suck and the more money we borrow from them the more they suck. We have to get out the vote and get rid of the people who are selling our country to these "people" and get back to the values that made this country great. Live within our means, stop paying people to sit at home and do drugs, or to have as many babies as they can so they get a bigger welfare check and change the tax system to encourage business to come back to America. Our exports are being taxed by importing country's I.E China so why the hell or we not charging them the same or more to slow down the demand here. I will not shop at Wal-Mart simply because they went almost entirely import and Chinese for profit. I look at labels and do my best to buy American although I have to admit it is impossible sometimes. We need to vote better, buy smarter and support this country again as I know most on this site do when they buy their Chevy's. God bless America and the people that buy American.

    More Truck 022rs.jpg
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    Agreed 200%. One additional item we need to rid ourselves of is immigration and their anchor babies which are killing us financially.
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    The Chinese don't care about things like copyrights and intellectual property. I guess they figured that since they are making all of the replacement parts for them anyway, that they could just assemble them and sell them as a whole unit.

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