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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by vannooch, Sep 10, 2012.

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    Even if it is true, how is it any different than any other company that produces things in China? How much stuff in your home right now has "Made in China" stamped/stickered on the bottom? Probably a lot more than you think, even if you are the type that tries not to buy Chinese products.

    I am not saying this is right, because it's not. An American company that took American dollars so that it wouldn't go bankrupt shouldn't be producing anything in the Communist Republic, IMO. But, I still believe that we shouldn't have even given the company money in the first place.

    That's as much as I'll say without getting too political. Apply this video to anything manufactured in China.
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    We could boycot GM
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    Chinese Chevrolet Colorado, anyone?


    Or perhaps a Chinese F150 is more your style...

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    I have been discussing this with family members for the last few years. When we bought my wifes torrent the sticker said that the motor was made in China the trans made in Japan, it was assembled in Canada and had some high percentage of parts made in Mexico. So, Yes we did buy a car made by an American car company, I did not get an American made car. I understand that it is done that way for cost savings which in theory should make the vehicle more affordable for the consumer. As we all know, Prices are not going down for a new vehicle. I just priced out a new Yukon XL at more than $65,000! I have been told by many of my friends and family that work in the Automotive field (GM, Diamler, Ford, many suppliers) That it is proven in many cases that they can actually get parts made cheaper in the states. But, for some reason they have a hard time migrating part manufacture here. It could be contracts with the overseas companies, it could be the fact that many small manufactures can not survive or start up with the way GM does business. They pay after 90 days sometimes longer. This 90 days is after the machine or part is used. So, if I build a machine for GM and ship it to them, then their plant is not ready for another 6 months or a year, I don't get paid until my machine is running in their plant. So maybe 6 months plus 90 days, maybe 1 year plus 90.

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    Is that an oil leak under the Colorado? Just like the real thing!
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    Haahaahaa! There is debate whether these vehicles are actually GM and Ford built Chinese variations or whether the Chinese made copies of them. Gm has developed a chinese-only version of the Chevy Colorado. It sells for under $10,000. Of course, there are no airbags but it does come standard with ABS.
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    wow, thats extremely disappointing.

    i know i wont buy a GM with a made in china sticker on the bottom...
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    My friends we've been sold down the river, and it isnt a new revelation, foreign countries have been slowly taking away American manufacturing for many years, sometimes the companies we know and trust willingly move manufacturing overseas to avoid tax and/or save on labor, sometimes companies have ideas stolen and in the end it's cheaper to sub contract out rather than fight. But whatever the reason many American companies arent the patriotic bastions we've thought them to be over the years, they hope you wont find the truth but in the end it all comes down to greed, how much can the CEO's and investors put in their pockets. Remember after they have your money and you find out you were lied to or even "simply misled" about the origin of your product who's gonna make them give you your money back? Politicians? Not likely, they'll huff and puff to make sure they keep your vote but if worse comes to worse they already have someone elses money in their bank account and you can bet it's enough to retire on, not to mention the generous guaranteed retirement check they already have from Uncle Sugar.
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    Yeah this is very disappointing to watch, My stepfather worked 25 years in GM's axle plant and is disgusted at whats gone on with GM. He's been retired now for 23 years and slowly but surely they have taken his medical benefits away. Dental insurance was totally taken away just before the bailout. All his copays are going up and now is when he uses the med. insurance the most as hes falling apart. How much of china's dollars helped the bailout??!!!! This is B.S.!!!

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