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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by roughcntryrado, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. I was wondering if anyone with the 5.3l have chips in them and what is a good one to look at, It doesn't really matter on the price to me just as long as it is good for the money i am willing to spend. I've had some cars that had chips in the past just want to get more power!!

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    Instead of going with a Performance Chip, there are 2 other Routes you may want to look at, regarding Programmers......the 1st is going with a Custom Tune, like Black Bear Custom Tunes, and the 2nd is going with a Diablo Tune, check with member 06MonteSS here on this site regarding Diablo Tunes......but these are the 2 most often mentioned regarding Tunes here on the Site, and Both Sponsoring Vendor's here on this Site,

    Link to Diablo,

    Link to Black Bear,
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  3. I have been looking into those also not sure what i want to go with yet
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    yeah, there are no "chips" for the newer trucks... you need a flash programmer, to reflash the programming in the pcm module of the truck... the diablosport Trinity is what you want/need... you could also get away with the diablo Predator - but those are on their way to being phased out... they are being replaced by the diablo inTune programmer....

    but the Trinity has more features, easier/better data logging, and tcm/transmission support....
  5. Hmm, all of those sound pretty good. Ive got the trans guy at work has the edge evolution programmer he loves it for what he paid for it I have been looking into those for what it is
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    On my last truck i had a superchips flashpaq programmer and i loved that thing. I used to run a 93 octane performance tune in it, no problems had like towing modes and fuel economy modes and 87 and 91 octane performance modes also. You can change engine and trany settings, it was great.

  7. ahmitchell1

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    I had a hyper tech it was good but I'm looking into a Blackbear tune. For the price and the extent they can tune ur ecu, you can't beat it
  8. Blackbear tune looks pretty good. I am going to throw my buddies JET tune in my truck tonight and see how i like it. He says its a different truck after he put his in, so hopefully i can say the same thing
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    I just got my Black Bear tune about a month ago and there is a huge difference compared to the superchips i had on my 03 Silverado. Can't say much for milage yet due to too me having to much fun but it is better than stock while i'm running the sport tune.
  10. reggiecab2000

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    im currently on a hypertech, and not satisfied. but i have submitted a deposit for the fort worth blackbear tune, so im hoping everything will get better!

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