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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by tazss, May 22, 2009.

  1. tazss

    tazss New Member

    I am looking to buy a programer for my 2007 Silverado with a 4.8L motor and wanted to see if anyone has went down this path and had any advise as to which is the best programer along with what kind of results you saw.

  2. masterfoxscout

    masterfoxscout Rockstar ROTM Winner 100 Posts

    Don't look to gain a whole lot with a programmer. You can adjust shift points,firmness, and rev aren't going to get too much of a performance gain (typically 10-15hp/ft lbs). I'd save your money and go with a custom tune.
  3. I have an 06 4.8 and i got a superchips max micro tuner for it and it worked very well, the techs at the local gm dealer told me that motor chips up the best, of the other mods ive made the best 2 were the downloader and the trottle body spacer, also have exhaust and intake. In extreme mode the truck is just a blast with tonnes of power it tops out at 120mph and we have it bench tested to run the quarter at around 14.5-14.2
  4. smithbuilt24

    smithbuilt24 New Member

    Edge Evolution programmer

    I have 08 4x4 and just my edge chip. It helped but is there any way to get a custom tune for it? Will cold air intake work and what kind? Gas mileage did not improve even on economy. There is no power out of the hole but once its tacs up there is pretty good power. Not looking for race truck just better get up and go. Stock 3:73 gears with the stock 20"s. Any suggestions? And I want a leveling kit that will fit 33" x 20" rims?????????:neutral:
  5. masterfoxscout

    masterfoxscout Rockstar ROTM Winner 100 Posts

    I'm not sure how that would work. Check out Blackbear or Wheatley Custom Tuning. They are very helpful and will answer any questions.
  6. smithbuilt24

    smithbuilt24 New Member

    Thanks for your help
  7. heavy chevy

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    I suggest a custom hand held tune from wait4meperformance that is what I got. I had a superchips pos and it is worthless. There is no way that guy is gonna run a 14.2 in the quarter with only a tune. Mabye if he has noss. My best time with my superchips tune was 15.27 at 95 mph and that was at the track. I got cai exhaust and tune. My w4m tune is custom and demolishes the superchips tune. I get 0-60 at about 6.8 seconds and it burns throu the quarter. I havent took it to the track yet but It will go there soon. Check out my review in the reviews section of the forum I posted some videos . You can see for your self but stay away from the off the shelf brands. I paid 435 for the superchips and 410 for the w4m tune and I can say that I got my moneys worth now.
  8. wheatley

    wheatley New Member GMTC Sponsor

    If you are interested in some custom tuning,send me a pm and we will get you going.
    Thanks guys
  9. ricodog77

    ricodog77 New Member

    You'll also want to ask yourself how you plan on driving. If you want to stick with the same tune level all the time, i.e. performance for the track definitely go with a chip program. Black Bear does a really nice job and they'll customize it for your driving style with some equipment sent back and forth. If you don't want all out performance and want to change your tune level periodically, go with a programmer. You won't get as much out of it, but you won't need to run 91 octane in it all the time either.

    I went with a Superchips Cortex just because all the guys at the local GM dealership run 'em and really like them. A couple of guys locally have had Hypertech programmers fry their PCMs. I tow a trailer on the weekends and I switch between 87 octane during the week and tow tuning for the weekend. Definitely makes a difference combined with other add ons. Hope that helps.

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