Chip Replacement & Tuning - Definition

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    Can I get a precise definition for what programers like SuperChips do and what their pros and cons are? Facts and data please.
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    Chip replacement & Tuning -Definition

    Any truck made from 1996 up dosent have a replacement chip. To tune the truck you have to use a programmer or custom tune you trucks ECM. The tuning is to change the fuel and ignition curves for better performance or fuel economy. Before veichles had ECMs you changed the ignition and fuel with differant carb jets and change the distributers springs and weights for better performance, and install a shift kit in he tranny. Now this is done with the ECM. I dont know of any programmer for your 07 Colorado so you would need a custom tune from one of the tuners such as Blackbear,Wheatly, Wait4Me or Nelson Performance. They all have websites. Also from 1995 down the trucks have replaceable chips so those are easy to get tuned. I forgot to mention above that the custom tuners can change your shift firmness, shift points and shift quikness. Hope this helps.

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