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  1. First post on this site! I'm looking to buy a Suburban soon. I need it to haul my kids and to tow small to medium cars (mostly VW bugs and old crappy hondas). I'm going to be limited to about $3000 for the truck itself.
    My question is what do I need to know about different years or different styles? are there models to stay away from? I also want to know if it's better to buy a '91 or older vs. a '92 and newer.
  2. retired2001

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    Welcome to the site! The suburban is a great vehicle for family needs. If it were me, I'd go for a '96 or newer, mainly due to the engine availability. In 1996 GM came out with the Vortec 350R engine. Other than that, the '92 and newer are easier to drive (better turning radius, etc). I'm sure there will be some " Sub' " owners that will put their 2cents in. Good luck!
  3. 95CTburb19

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    I would look for 92 and up and if you can 96 and up. The 96 and up have a better motor (slightly better fuel economy/more power) I was looking a few months back and even the newer ones have being selling dirt cheap!
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    How much towing are we talking about? Once or twice a year across town, or every weekend, or possibly for business? While I expect those little cars like that would fall within specs for a 1500, I'd probably prefer a 2500 for your application unless we are talking about infrequent towing.

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