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    Chris Kyle was murdered not too far south of where I'm at right now. In fact, I had recently looked into a place to go shooting and I had come across the very range where he was killed at (in Glen Rose, Texas) and I even visited his website some time ago while researching training and certification to make hunting trips more fruitful and home defense more secure.

    But, alas, I never registered for any of the classes or visited that range. I wish I had.


    Chris Kyle's Company - If you want to make a donation to his family, I suggest going straight to Craft International as you know the income goes straight to his next of kin.

    "Pure and undefiled religion before our God and Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself unstained by the world." - James 1:27 (HCSB)

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    Update: I do all of the website work for a conglomerate company in Mansfield, Texas, that owns a bunch of different businesses including a large restaurant-bar-club in Mansfield called Fat Daddy's Sports & Spirits Cafe.

    Anyhow, because it's one of the largest venues of it's type in the southern part of the DFW area
    (I guess) and is only about 10 miles NW of Midlothian (where the Kyle family lived), the Navy SEALs rented it out last night to have a "private party", which was a few hundred of them getting together to honor the falling of Chris Kyle.

    What's odd is that we had rumors that the Westboro Baptist Church protesters (who were surrounded when they tried to picket his funeral at Cowboy's Stadium - from what I was told) were going to come to Fat Daddy's to protest as well. They never showed up. I will never understand that group.

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    Second Update: HAHA, just talked to the GM at Fat Daddy's. Last night one of the SEALs got up on the bar and hung an American flag from the top of the bar (and this is a big bar), then hung Kyle's skull and crossbones flag (that's his unit I guess). One of the managers was like, "What's he doing? He can't do that." The GM laughed and told him to go ahead and get up there and take it down if he wanted to. lol. The flags stayed up there all night.
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    the whole thing is one big sad story. turns out that Kyle didn't even know that guy who killed him and that his mother has reached out to Kyle to help him get over PTSD.

    the new york times has a good article on it.

    what's maybe the most upsetting to me is that this guy Eddie Ray Routh was held in a pysch hospital until the previous week and may have killed Kyle just to get his truck.

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    I met Chris Kyle last year at a VFW/Retired Navy Chief function, cant say we were good friends, barely new each other. He and another friend of his came out on my boat to go skiing a week later and we made plans to stay in touch and do it again next summer.
    He was a pretty decent guy, hate to see someone survive a hell hole overseas only to come home where you would think it's safe and end up getting senselessly killed.
    Eddie Ray Routh definitely had issues going on, and to blame some of it on where his country sent him would be justified, reading his history just highlights the problems with Active Duty medical processing and the VA medical system. Some Vets coming home need more than just being shuffled through the system. This doesn't exonerate them from the crimes they commit but when you spend so much time training someone to hate another enough to kill them you cant just flip a switch and send them back to society, some require more deprogramming and in depth dissection than others.
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    RIP. It was sad when I heard he was killed doing his charity after all the times he made it home safely after deploying.
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    It is a sad day. I never had the chance to meet the man but I did follow his work.
    I was at the ceremony a few years back for the SEAL's that died in the helicopter crash. Every SEAL that was not out of country was offered a flight to attend. To see those men come from far and wide to pay respect to their brothers was an experience I am glad I was able to have. To be able to stand for those who stood for me will be something I will carry forever.
    Fair Winds and Following Seas!!
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    I agree that the VA isn't good for much, these people really should seek to supplement their medical care with private practice care as well. Just my $.02.

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