Chrome bow tie (Silverado 1500)

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by dark star, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. dark star

    dark star New Member

    I can't believe the price of these at $62 each ?? :no:
    anywhere to get them cheaper ?
  2. buckmeister2

    buckmeister2 New Member

    they are all over ebay for cheaper...check it out.
  3. stchman

    stchman New Member

    The Bowtie on a Chevy is supposed to be gold, any other color is incorrect.
  4. RayVoy

    RayVoy Active Member

    A lot of other colors are correct, depending upon years and models. The gold was blue for awhile and gold before that. I remember red ones, I recall one that was black with red outline, I'm sure others will recall more.
  5. silverhobey

    silverhobey New Member

    ours on our 2010 Crew on front and back are has been
    replaced under warranty due to delamination (or something), and now
    the other one will also need replaced under Warranty.

    Brian from Canada....must be our weather !!!!!:penguin:
  6. buckmeister2

    buckmeister2 New Member

    Heck, by that definition, most of what I do to my truck is incorrect....

  7. silverhobey

    silverhobey New Member

    I think whatever anybody chooses to do their own truck is correct....
    after all, you own it, you drive it, you paid for it !!!!!
  8. UpsetProps

    UpsetProps New Member



  9. silverhobey

    silverhobey New Member

    awesome BOWTIES...thanks for sharing those different types with us ...Brian
  10. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Moderator

    Love my Chrome... :great: Both by Street Scene 091.jpg Disney 034.jpg
  11. dark star

    dark star New Member

    Chrome looks good, i understand you don't have to change out the rear one.
    Apparently you can just remove the gold overlay and you have a chrome one waiting underneath.
  12. stchman

    stchman New Member

    Chevrolet has been using the golden bowtie for over 40 years. My friend's 1971 Chevrolet pickup had a gold bowtie on the grill. IMO it's a classic look.

    Even the original 1953 Corvette had a gold bowtie in the flag.

    GMC guys keep the GMC logo red, Ford guys keep the blue oval blue.
  13. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Moderator

    As for the rear my tailgate had 2 holes to mount the bowtie.. IMG_1523.jpg Becareful taking them off..
  14. Pikey

    Pikey Moderator Staff Member

    I understand what you are saying about the gold being classic.
    This statement about them all being gold is too global and incorrect.

    From the GM media website: Many variations in coloring and detail of the Chevrolet bowtie have come and gone over the decades since its introduction in late 1913, but the essential shape has never changed. In 2004, Chevrolet began to phase in the gold bowtie that today serves as the brand identity for all of its cars and trucks marketed globally. The move reinforced the strength of what was already one of the most-recognized automotive emblems in the world. want to read more:

    I know for a fact the the 1995 silverado ss came with a black bowtie outlined in red. My wife's 2002 cavalier came with a blue bowtie with a chrome outline that happened to match the color of the car perfectly. The 1998 cavalier that she had was black and came with a red bowtie. I had been told multiple times while growing up that at one time the different bowtie colors meant different things. Blue= luxury and red= performance. I could not find any documentation to prove this true. So, please do not ask me to prove it, as I can not. I think that as time went on GM used the color bowtie that would look ok with the paint color. A blue bowtie on her black cavalier would have looked terrible.

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