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    Chrome 20" wheels, side view mirrors, door handles, Chevy bowties...for starters
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  4. fjrocketman

    fjrocketman New Member is cool. Looks really nice but wish it were a little brighter. Took me about 5 minutes to install mine.
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    I was going to buy one of those LED third brake lights until I found this one. IPCW Mega Third Brake Light with the white cargo lights, it runs almost the whole width of the cab with full LED lighting in white for cargo and red for braking. I bought it at Summit Racing for $299, it plugs into the factory wiring and has a nice chrome housing under it. You can get it with a smoked lense or a clear lense, I got the smoked one because of my truck being black. It is super bright at night time, I actually have a video of it that I will try and post on here............AMY
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    nice truck

    hi a very nice put a lot of work in it

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