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  1. MBurke

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    Hello...Thinking about getting the Clarion CX609 to replace the OEM HU in my 04 Silverado ext cab. Does anyone here have one ? I have read alot of reviews and is looks like alot of them....take the good with the bad and if it has the features you like then try it. There are a few things that I'm concerned about.
    The radio reception...some reviews say its a little week but others say its ok ?
    Is the 2 volt RCA outputs that big of a deal , when Pioneer has 4 volt ? ( I am planing on running a powered sub off the back speakers )
    I wonder if the radio station info scrolls the screen with the artist name, song name ?
    I do like that you can set the color to match the other dash lights....I like keeping the stock look as much as I can.
    Any input... thoughts.... suggestions on this head unit ? Good or Bad....let me have it [​IMG]

    TYMBOM Former Member

    I don't have that exact deck but was a dealer for a number of years and have had Clarion decks in my last 4 or 5 vehicles and have no complaints.
  3. MBurke

    MBurke Rockstar

    Thanks for the comments .....I'm undecided on a new head unit between this Clairion CX 609 and a Pioneer FH P8000BT.....I don't need NAV or all the fancy touch screen stuff , just something that is better than stock and one that is stock looking with out being so bright that it blinds you at night
    Thanks TYMBOM :)
  4. Dr Len

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    Just installed one. Sounds great. The controls take a bit to master. It can change the colors to match the factory ones and the blue tooth works great.Also it has USB for a flash drive or you can plug your Ipod right into it. ALL in all its a nice piece.
  5. MBurke

    MBurke Rockstar

    Thank You Dr Len.......that's encouraging :great:
  6. Dr Len

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    Heres some pics of the install I did in my sons friends KIA Sportage

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