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    Strong Arm Sprays-I found a dealer for this at the Canfield Swap Meet a few years back, and it has literally saved my roll bar from sudden death. It has 1001 uses, but I love it for the rust removal capabilities and my dad uses it on his rubber hoses in the older cars. It softens the hoses and keeps them pliable and fresh, keeping them from cracking any further plus they shine really nice too. I would put this right up there with WD-40, Duct Tape, and PB Blaster, you can order it off the net or buy it at a trade show near you but not in stores!

    Meta Gloss Products-I found these at our annual Auto Show two years ago at the I-X center in Cleveland, these guys are from California and they travel all over the place selling this stuff. They have a show special which is 2-12oz. bottles of the cleaner, 2-12oz. bottles of the sealer for $45 which you save like $25 and shipping costs. I have used it on my chrome wheels, and on my diamonplate tonneau cover and I have never had anything clean that good on diamond tread ever. It is a mirror finish for sure, it removes all the oxidation and the browning associated with diamond plate. The consistancy is grainy almost like it is mixed with fine grain sand, but It works like a charm to break down all of the grime. You can buy this online also, or at a trade show near you, you'll never find it in stores!

    The third thing I absolutely love is my Long Haul trucker's wax, this stuff is for the Big Rig's but it works awesome on regular trucks too. It will run you about $14.99 for the 24 oz. bottle, and there are all kinds of uses for it. I use it on chrome, stainless steel, painted surfaces, aluminum, basically anything that is on any everyday vehicle. This stuff can only be found in truck stops all over the U.S., that's the only place I have been able to find it.

    Anyways this summer I will posting some before and after pictures for you, so that you can actually see what I am talking about. I am most impressed with the Strong Arm Spray, it has saved my roll bar for 8 years now and It is still shining bright in the Ohio sky! :sign0011:
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    Here is a before picture of my roll bar, as you can see it is slightly rusted but not popping yet.

    Here is a picture after I used the strong arm spray, I scrubbed it with a hard bristled brush and scrubbed until the rust disappeared.

    Here is a picture of the mounting plate of the roll bar, notice how it is rusted slightly.

    Here is the end result, nice and shiny with almost no rust. And as far as the bolts go I have some brand new stainless bolts I bought to replace those, this summer hopefully I will have time.
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    Cool thanks for the info Ill check them out
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    Good info to know. Thanks.
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    Gotta love WD40 and Duct Tape..

    What moves and shouldn't, Duct Tape it.
    And what doesn't move and should, WD40 it.

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