Cleaning Carburetors, fuel tanks, and other engine components with PINE-SOL!

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    I don't know how many people are aware of this on here or not, but cleaning carburetors with Pine-Sol is an amazing thing! I do a lot of small engine work (mainly atvs, snowmobiles, lawnmowers, snowblowers and generators) and I must say pine-sol is one hell of a cheap (and environmentally friendly) way to clean just about anything to do with an engine! I wouldn't suggest using it to clean any sensors or anything like that, but for non electrical components it works wonders! This will apply more to guys with older trucks that have carbs but anything that needs to be cleaned on a truck that isn't electrical can most likely be soaked in Pine-sol (there are exceptions obviously, try at your own risk).

    I go to Costco and buy a huge jug of it for under $15 and that usually lasts me for 3 or 4 atv sized carburetors. I put the carbs in an empty container big enough to hold the carb, but not too big that it's wasting pine-sol, and then pour the pine-sol over the carb until it is completely submerged with bowl off, and jets, needle, float etc. removed. I soak the bowl and jets, needles etc. in a separate container (margarine containers work very well) and let everything sit for 12 - 24 hours. You'd be amazed at how well this works! The carbs come out looking brand new and even smell nice! I don't have a heated garage (yet) so I tend to do the tedious carb rebuilding in my basement and I can say that the smell of gas and carb cleaner are easily over powered by the pine-sol after everything has been sitting for 12 hours!

    After the soaking, I remove everything and place them on rags to drip dry for a couple hours. Then I use carb cleaner to remove any remaining grease etc. and get in all the jets and nozzles. Put it all back together and you essentially have a brand new carb. Very cheap alternative to soaking in carb cleaner!

    I also have used it to clean old rusty/dirty fuel tanks out. I fill the fuel tanks with pine sol completely. Let them soak over night or for a couple days, and then pour the pine sol out into another container. Then I use old gas I've saved from draining atvs and snowmobiles to rinse the tank out with thoroughly. Fill the tank with fresh gas, and add a quarter to half a can of seafoam and voila, a nice shiny clean fuel tank! For tanks with a built in fuel screen, I find spraying the screen with carb cleaner works beautifully.

    The best part about it, is that when you're done with all that pine-sol, you can still use it to clean a garage or cement basement floor, or if it isn't very dirty, just save it and use it for future carbs, etc! I've even used it to wash atvs afterwards. Excellent stuff and not so harsh on your lungs and skin as other chemicals.
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    I had no idea....nice write up. Thanks for sharing :sign0173:

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