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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by Tom Evans, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Tom Evans

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    I just got a 2002 Chevy Suburban. It has some RED stains on the GRAY carpet in the rear seat area, probably Gatorade or some other similar drink with Red Dye #5 in it. I tried Oxy Interior 1 Cleaner by Turtle Wax today and had no luck removing the stain.

    Does anyone have a carpet cleaner that works on juice stains?

  2. Paul M

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    Tom, try some Aqua Net hair spray. It removes ball point pen ink from shirts.
    My mom discovered this some time ago and it worked . If it does not or does on your carpet, it should not do any harm. Try it in a hidden place first to make sure. She never even used hair spray.

    Paul M.
  3. ChevyFan

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    There was a whole thread on stains and stain removal stuff sometime last year I think. Try doing a search for it. If someone finds it, post it up here too if you would.
  4. unplugged

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    I found this post in the suburban section. Carpet cleaner
    The wife used to drink a beverage called Fuze. She spilled it on the beige carpet in the living room and it has left a permanent red dye #5 stain. Nothing, not even a professional carpet cleaner could get it out. The pro recommended dying the carpet. The wife opted for a $20 throw rug. When I worked as a lot boy, I used to 'plug' cigarette burns with a technique similar to this. This Old House
    I would get donor carpet from under the seat and plug the damaged area. It doesn't work for large stains.
  5. tbplus10

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    A few weeks ago I was drug to a wine tasting event (just a small note, the refined people dont like it when you chug wine). While there I somehow got involved in a discussion on wine stains on carpet, a wine steward at the counter mentioned a cleaner called "Wine away" also "Wine off".
    I bought a bottle of the "Wine away" to clean a spot my granddaughter made on the living room carpet with grape juice. When I cleaned the spot 2 weeks ago it got lighter but I could still fantly see where it was, we returned from a two week vacation this morning and I noted the spot is now totally gone.
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  6. unplugged

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    Cool info. Going to order a bottle online today. See Wine Away:party:
  7. tokmik

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    i think the usual baking soda solution still works in juice stains. but for more guide you may visit
    Carpet Cleaning Estimate
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  8. bry2500

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    I have used Oxy clean to take juice stains out. I would let it sit and then blast it with a steamer. I have a steam buggy and it has a fine nozzle and a brush nozzle. It works very well.
  9. ct9a

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