Cleaning, Detailing, Waxing. What do you use.

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by jet89, Jan 31, 2010.

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    So with the warmer spring weather hopefully approaching in the next couple of months, i am getting ready to detail and clean my truck. Now that i have a newer truck that is in good shape i am wanting to buy some better quality products then just the cheaper stuff i have in the garage. And its hard to decide what to buy with the hundreds of products and brands available. So what are the ins-and-outs for when you detail your vehicles?
    What brands do you use? ArmorAll, Mothers, Meguiers, Turtle Wax?
    Hand waxing or using a power/orbital waxer.
    Do you use a Power Ball, Chamois, Microfiber Towels, a pressure washer, or hand wash, cleaning brushes, etc. etc. etc.
    What are your recommendations and procedures?
    FYI: While i dont mind spending extra money for better quality products, this is a daily driver truck.
    Im not going to spend $100 on a bottle of show quality wax :p Ha Ha.
    College life doesnt leave you with a lot of extra money to play with.
    Thanks Much!
  2. Amdforever

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    Haven't detailed the truck yet, but I've always used Meguiers. Very nice products, always easy to use, and at a reasonable price. The GTO would get hand washed with MGs Gold Class soap or taken to a carwash, then brought home, dried with microfiber, claybarred with MGs clay and quik detailer, then waxed with their Tech 2.0 wax using microfiber pads, buffed off with mf towels, quik detailed, waxed again, buffed off again, and then use MGs ultimate detailer spray ...then sit back and watch all the dust collect on her lol. So yeah, it'll be a whole day event. The truck seems like a monsterous tasking to detail :(
  3. TRPLXL2

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    The Meguire's Gold Class soap is by far the best soap I have ever used on my truck, but I will never use anything else Meguire's again. Bad experience with plastic trim, and not even Simple Green will remove it.

    I now use all Eagle One stuff, and this summer I will be buying some Zymol to try since I have a friend who used it with awesome results. I have also been using Semi-Truck wax as well, it is much more durable than regular wax and is only found at truck stops.
  4. 97chevz71

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    Adams Car Care products
  5. tnhusker

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    I like the Mother's products. One extra tip is the Turtle Wax Ice. It is a clear liquid polish and while I wasn't impressed with its shine on the paint I did find it was great for the black plastic when some white wax gets on them. I use it as a touch up for where I am sloppy and it also protects and shines the plastic while not harming the paint.
  6. 97chevz71

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    I would try some adams. I saw that you were close to the summit racing store in Ohio. They are a dealer i would go in and get yourself some stuff to try out. It back 110% you will not be sorry
  7. 1flyfisher

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    I have a new vehicle on the way and I wanted to find THE BEST PRODUCTS and these are the combination products I decided to go with so far. All top of the line best reviewed products. I am going for maximum longest lasting paint and chrome protection. The Klasse twins and Finish Kare 1000P are the two longest lasting Wax/Sealants. The Klasse twins or FK-1000P will get 6 months of paint protection with washes every so often as needed. I will probably detail wax 3 times a year as I am not a neurotic obsessive type. And I will only put on one wax layer(1 KAIO and 1 KSG) and not 5-10-20 wax layers like some of the obsessive compulsive types do.

    Wax/Sealant...The Klasse Twins, Klasse All in One Polish and Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze
    Wax..... Finish Kare 1000P
    Shampoo.....Griot's Garage Car Wash
    Wheel Cleaner....Griot's Garage Wheel Cleaner
    Wheel Sealant.....Poor Boy's World Wheel Sealant
    303 Protectant for rubber door seals etc and tires
    Micro Fiber for Drying....Cobra Waffle Weave Supreme Guzzler
    Micro Fiber for Buffing.....Not Sure yet but I found some nice ones at Autogeek

    I will get a Sheepskin mitt to eliminate swirl marks for the lower half of the vehicle and a micro fiber mitt and wash tool for the upper half. 2 Buckets to wash of course.

    Here's a Good place to research and buy detailing products.
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  8. Chevyboy96

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    Poor Boys Wax w/Porter Cable Buffer
    Meguires Polish
    Meguires Wash
    Meguires Wheel Polish w/Power Ball
    Stoners Glass Cleaner
    BlackMagic Protectant
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  9. 97chevz71

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