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  1. SurrealOne

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    I happen to own a Bissel Little Green (R) ProHeat Deep Cleaner ( ... which is a small, portable steam cleaner. When I bought my truck (used), it had coffee stains all over the carpet in the extended cab area ... as if someone had dumped 1-2 large coffee cups from the rear cupholder. A few hours with the steam cleaner and a day with the windows open to allow the carpet to dry ... and the carpet looked (and still looks) new.

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    I use Spot Shot on hard to get off spots on the head liner and carpet. Then I use my house hold steam cleaner with the attachment and clean the head liner and carpet. I just be careful not to soak the head liner when I do it. When I bought my yukon there were yellow nicotine or smoke stains in the head liner. The process I used got them out and the smell went away also.
  3. 08_rado_rocker

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    I will look into these options.. my only problem is I seriously don't have the time to accomplish a time consuming task like this with my 11 on 3 off work schedule (which almost always turns into a 23 on 2 off). My days off are spent rat-killing, paying bills, and lately dealing with my divorce. Think that I would be better off letting a detailing company take of it locally?
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    The best stuff I've every used is John Deere Carpet Cleaner. It comes in a can and you get it from a John Deere dealer. If I remember correctly its 11 bucks a can. There isn't a stain that I couldn't get out with that stuff. That and there really isn't a real long dry time compared to a carpet cleaner. All you do is spray and blot it up with a towel, no scrubbing or anything.
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    It has been my experience that detailers rarely do a solid job on vehicles unless they are REALLY high end detailers that charge a pretty penny to do things like take Q-tips to the vents and the like. Then again, I detailed cars for extra cash in my youth (charging fair rates for very detailed work), so my expectations are likely high.

    Having been through a divorce I'd say take a few hours with the truck to clean it ... using the right tool for the job. Use it to get your mind off the divorce for a few hours. It helps...
  6. 08_rado_rocker

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    You're more than likely right on that one... taking my mind off of it would feel good haha
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    You can hunt around and likely find a detailing job that will do a pretty good job, but it's not cheap. Additionally, I did the same thing as Surreal when I was younger and only fell into it because a friend's mom saw how clean my truck was at the time. (Plus she was hot, so I couldn't say no. Stupid teen hormones.) If you can make the time, it will serve as a great way to distract yourself and noone will take the care and time that you will. For them, something like qtipping the vents is just a hassle you pay extra for. For you it's part of being thorough on your vehicle. Just prioritize the time for yourself and get it done. I think you'll feel better afterward.

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