Clear coat peeling off the hood on a '94

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by John94C1500, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. John94C1500

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    Hi. In 1997 I purchased a 1994 Silverado Chevy C1500, dark blue in color. In 2006 the clear coat on the hood started to peel off. There is an area approximately 18 inches by 18 inches without the clear coat. Last month I took it to the local Chevy dealer for an estimate to repaint the hood. The estimate was $630. The person told me that there was a Chevy recall on the paint job on this 1994 model, but the recall was only good for three years, until 1997. At another body shop a person told me that he has seen quite a few dark blue Chevy trucks such as mine with the same problem. He said that it was fairly common for this paint color.

    Would anyone have any information on this problem, or suggestions on how to proceed?


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    MY 93 has a patch starting on the hood too. I really don't take very good care of the paint. Heck it's a 93 and I bang it around the Mojave Desert. In the past I have used Liquid Glass with good results. Maybe if I can whittle my honey do list down, I might give the buffer and the Liquid Glass another try.

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