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    Ok my friend has a 2002 4x2 Silverado that he wants to get more clearance out of. He doesnt know too much about suspensions and stuff and he doesnt really know how to research on the internet. So i laid out some options for him.

    1. Screw the lift and put 31's, 32's but we are unsure they will fit.
    2. Crank the torsions to the max and fit it with some shackles in the back.
    3. Get a Rancho Quick Lift shocks
    4. Buy a body lift kit for about 3".

    He is only looking for about 3" of lift. He would like to be able to fit 33's on his truck. So if anybody has any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. And also his budget is around $800 but he doesnt really want to spend all of it if he doesnt have too.

  2. Pete95Sierra

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    alright, first of all, never crank the torsion bars all the way. the rancho quick lift shocks will give about 2-2.5 inches of lift so you could crank the torsion bars about an 1.5" on top of the quick lift than put a 3" add a leaf in the back. than it will be level. even with just the quick lift and the AAL's he can fit 32's but if he cranks the torsion bars up front on top of the quick lift he can get 33's under there. also, there is always the body lift. they are cheap and will let him fit 32's but they are a pain in the neck to put on and wont ad any clearance. you can look at the link for suspension lifts for his truck. hope this helps!!
  3. ChancesTruck

    ChancesTruck New Member

    thanks for that link, I think what he wants is like that CST 4" lift that is what he needs. Is there any thread where it has pictures of a person installing this or any other suspension lift? I just want to get an idea of what all needs to be done.

  4. Pete95Sierra

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  5. CarpenterGuy

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    I have 33" on my truck, and nothing has been done to it. I bought it used and I looked at the tires and thought "oh, he must've lifted it a little" and I got under and there wasn't nothing lifting it or leveling it. If he wants to, (this is what i'm about to do to my truck) he can use key's on the front to level it out, then put in a small lift block in the back, maybe 2". This will maintain the factory lean forward look, if thats ok with him. This will give him room for about 34's. I"m going to try and stick 35's on mine.
  6. finalday7

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    First if it's a 2wd it's going to have coils instead of torsion bars so key's are out of the question. Something simple like a 3" rough country setup might work and the complete kit is about 440bucks. It includes spindles, shocks and blocks for the rear. He will be able to run some 33's with the lift. If he wants to save some money my friend and another member have a set of 33" Cooper Discover stt's for sale pretty cheap. Pretty much brand new he just wanted to go to 35's.

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