Clearing stock NBS headlights?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by pmf608, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. pmf608

    pmf608 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Does anyone know if it is possible to remove just the orange lens on the inside of the parking/signal light housing on the 99-02 silverados. It looks like a separate piece that is removable, but im not quite sure. thanks.
  2. dsrtne1

    dsrtne1 Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts

    I was wondering the same thing about my 05. Seems like it would be a fun project and a lot cheaper than ordering new housings. Has anyone tried?
  3. pmf608

    pmf608 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    im prettysure ive read about it being done on the 03 - 07 classics. its more of a reflector. on mine its an orange lens either fused into, or mounted on the inside of the outer clear lens.
  4. dsrtne1

    dsrtne1 Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts

    Just went out to my truck to take a closer look and it does appear to be a seperate reflector but i couldn't see any screws or tell whats holding it in place. Maybe just some strong adhesives? If it is somewhat simple to do i would definetly do it instead of buying clear corner housing off of ebay. And i snapped a couple pics on my phone of the reflectors.


  5. Kaiser-Wave

    Kaiser-Wave Rockstar

    you actually have to heat up the lens a **** load or "bake them" at a certain temperature in the oven (read this on many forums) and the lenses actually pull apart and you can remove the reflector, only problem is if you dont seal them up well water will leak into the lense. I remember reading an entire write up on the cobalt ss forum like a year and a half ago but if you do research you will see what i am talking about, i am just too afraid to do it and besides i live in california which has the dumbest vehicle code of all states.....
  6. pmf608

    pmf608 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Im not afraid to open them up - i am sure i can do it safely. one has a moisture problem and needs to be resealed anyway, so thats not an issue either. i just dont want to open them if it wont work. mine appear to be the same way as the 2005 - no physical mounts to housing, only mounted to lens. knowing this, i still think i read somewhere about removing the orange in the 2003-2006 trucks, which means mine would also be removeable in theory.
  7. dsrtne1

    dsrtne1 Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts

    I live in cali too and I see people all the time with clear corners. I'm just worried about ruining my housing and having to buy new ones
  8. TRPLXL2

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    My honest opinion is if your going to go with aftermarket bulbs in your marker lights down the road, your better off with the aftermarket euro lenses. They have awesome reflectors in them and they aren't expensive, I got a brand new set of clear Anzo corners for $99 from sport truck

    Second is the oven method, it's okay for doing headlights but the oem marker lights and hard to do. My friend tried to do his on his Colorado and ended up melting the housing, by the time the glue melts you have a big friggin mess.

    When I took my headlights and marker lights apart I used a hairdryer for the headlights, and they popped right open after a couple of minutes. The marker lights I had to use a heat gun carefully, but I still felt more comfortable doing that versus using the oven. Good luck with whatever you choose to do, oh and I almost forgot the reflectors are held on by adhesive and there are holes behind them so it really looks like crap done like that.
  9. pmf608

    pmf608 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I would go with aftermarket, but have been putting it off for a while and blew my budget for the year on my new seats - it will happen eventually because i dont like the scatter glass on the turn signals. i just want a temporary fix for now because i dont like the orange. it doesnt suit my style.:lol:
  10. Kaiser-Wave

    Kaiser-Wave Rockstar

    where at in socal r u from?

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