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    Okay everyone, I have included a link to "you tube" of a video at the bottom of this paragraph. It is a video of the final racing scene in "The Fast And The Furious." Brian O'Connor in the Toyota Supra versus Dominic Toretto in the Dodge Charger. Now I realize some people might roll their eyes at this discussion but it is a practical one! In this showdown of tuner versus muscle, at precisely "1:28" on the timer at the bottom of the display screen on you tube, Dominic's engine has a major problem occur. At "1:27" it looks like the Charger's oil pressure gauge flickers along with a yellow light to the left of it (may take a couple attempts to see it). Then it goes to a part showing the engine malfunction ("1:28") and a fiery explosion occurs. Blue smoke begins to pour out the back. Now I am not entirely sure, but it looks to me like he loses a cylinder somehow. Maybe an exhaust valve stays open and the piston comes back up and BAM! They kiss and make UGLY babies?!!! IDK for sure. And another thing that confuses me is why is Dominic using the shifter and there is no clutch pedal? I don't a whole lot about older cars like that, but that has always thrown up a yellow flag in my mind... Any comments would be appreciated (hopefully relating to the question)!!!! Thanks!

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