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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Schwindle, May 18, 2010.

  1. Schwindle

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    I recently have had a problem with a loud clicking coming from underneath my truck when I accelerate. When I get on the highway it either goes away or I can no longer hear it. From what i've found from a little research that it is more than likely my U-joints. But Im still not convinced. Any input would be appreciated...
  2. cobra2end

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    is it coming from the motor ? My 97 5.7 had what i thought was a ping from the motor when ever i got on it hard. I put in different gas from a different station and it took care of it.
  3. Schwindle

    Schwindle Member


    Fixed it today actually. It was the U-joints and had I gone prolly five more miles I would have been in need of a tow truck... Thanks though.
  4. murdog94

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    Hopefully you got a set of greasable ones since the stock u-joints dont come with them and they wear out pretty quickly sometimes.
  5. Schwindle

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    Actually when it comes to precision **** like that I usually just have someone else do it. So I took it to a machine shop specializing in drivelines. Its was this older fella who works out of his basement awesome dude took care of it all for me. The grease able ones are set in place.

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