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    I just replaced the four burned out bulbs in my climate control assembly with Radio Shack 12V lamps, 272-1154 (soldered into the circuit board). None of the new ones are lighting, although all the other dash lights are lit and change with the dimmer wheel. What did I do wrong?
    UPDATE: Now that it's dark out, I can see that they do light up, but they are very dim compared to the other lights.
    SECOND UPDAte" So why did I pick these bulbs? I read somewhere that these were the ones to get. One mistake I made was that I didn't mount them as far away from the circuit board as possible. You can see from the attached photos that the Radio Shack bulbs are a lot smaller. But I can now at least see something at night. Posting in case someone is in the same situation. They are better than nothing.

    DSC00730.jpg DSC00731.jpg
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