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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by TJbear, Oct 7, 2009.

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    I did some searching on this steering clunk and it seems most steering clunks for these trucks are caused by the intermediate steering shaft. I just bought this truck yesterday so it's still under warranty but I'd like to diagnose this myself before I take it in. My symptoms don't seem to quite match what others have described here but I only seem to feel this clunk through the steering wheel when I accelerate from a stop. Light, moderate, or heavy acceleration. I don't think its a clunk from the driveline, it really feels steering related. How can I confrim the problem? Thanks.
  2. TJbear

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    Well, I grabbed the steering shaft from under the hood, just "south" of the big round rubber cylinder looking thing and pulled/pushed back and forth. There seems to be a TON of play in it. The source of the play seems to be coming from "north" of where I was grasping it. :gasp:
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    Nothing??? :neutral:
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  5. TJbear

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    Thanks for the reply. I think I read somewhere the factory replacement part from the dealer is now an updated part?? Would that work as well? I haven't been able to find much feedback regarding that aftermarket unit you posted or the updated part from GM. Thanks.
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    I ended up going with a shaft from Napa, a Dorman product, P/N 7-3061. Works great, no more clunk and steering feels tighter and more precise. I wanted to get a GM part but I was a bit skeptical about using a shaft from the same company that sold vehicles with such a crappy shaft to begin with and the Borgeson is just way too expensive. Seems like the slip yoke part of the shaft is thicker and more beefy looking than the original. Hopefully, it holds up. I think the shaft I removed was the factory installed original. It was so sloppy, it even clunked when the engine was cranking during starting. No more.

    BTW, am I the only one that had a hell of a time pulling the end of the shaft through the "boot" under the hood? I didn't recall seeing anything that mentioned removing this boot so I was pulling mighty hard from under the dash and it just wouldn't come through. I ended up having to remove the boot along with the shaft and whacking the shaft end with a hammer to make it pop out. Hope I didn't fock up that little bearing/sleeve thing in the boot.
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    I had the same problem in my 2006 Silverado. It was the intermediate steering shaft. Occasionally when I was driving I would feel a knocking, and definitely when I turned. I could faintly hear it, but I felt it. I talked to a my GM mechanic and he said that it was the intermediate steering shaft. But he also said that these trucks tend to have this problem and that I didn't have to replace the part. Talking to other Silverado owners I found that sometimes even after the "repair" these symptoms will return. It's been 2 months since mine was replaced and I can say that I don't hear or feel anything.

    Basically, It's not a major problem that will put you in immediate danger. It is annoying and while my truck is under warranty, if i get the knocking again, I will get it replaced over and over.

    Hope this helps.
  8. Alaskan

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    Haha well unfortunately I didn't see it was fixed now.

    I'm glad you took care of it. Best of luck.
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    I had the same problem and i took into the dealer cuz it still had a warrenty at the time and when they disconnected the shaft from the stering wheel they let the wheel go around more then twice and it messed up my air coil so my truck was in the shop for 3 days cuz of that when it should have only took 1 hour, it happened around 60,000 miles and now i have 120,000 miles and its been doing it again plan on doing it my self this time!!!

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