clunk noise from steering

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by vegaschevy, Jan 22, 2009.

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    back when she still had low milage(70K) ha ha ... the steering was making a clunk noise when cycleing the wheel.. she was still under warranty ( i bought the extended warranty after the tranny pooped out at 37K), so in she went...They replaced the intermediate steering shaft, thank God it was still under warranty. Now at 117K miles the noise is back, looks like from reading others input on the site , it is a common thing with the truck. Just live with it for now.
    Besides every time I took it in for warranty work the thing would have some thing else wrong with it, like they rushed to much putting it back together. Happened every time I took it in for warranty work
  2. MWright936

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    Yeah, this is a really common problem. I've had my intermediate steering shaft replaced as well. From what I was told, the clunk isn't dangerous, just annoying. I've heard it's not too difficult to replace yourself. You can just order the part and save some money on labor.
  3. mehoff400

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    i have heard also that they have an aftermarket one they sell at maybe napa or something that works better than the one the dealership will sell you

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