clunk sound when put in gear???

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by Nicholas23, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Nicholas23

    Nicholas23 New Member

    Sorry if this has already been answered. I looked through the previous threads and didnt see the answer. Some where close. On my 06 Silverado crew cab Z71 when I put it in gear like drive or switch from drive to reverse you hear a clunk sound from under the truck right by the cab. I have been under the truck to check the u-joints. They dont seem to move much but i cant tell if the u-joint is moving or if it is the yoke moving in the t-case? Anyone have the same issue or have any ideas? Thank in advance.
  2. DemoMatt3

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    could be worth pulling the driveshaft out and checking the play in each one, or if the ujoints are orriginal, they are probably in need of replacement anyway. I believe those trucks did have some play issues in the t case also tho
  3. Nicholas23

    Nicholas23 New Member

    Thanks. I did that. They seem fine. Replaced the u-joints and looked at the slide yoke. Seems fine. Took the truck to DTS. They listened to it and says its the rear end. Ill give an update after they take a closer look.
  4. tbplus10

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    Try lubing the slip joint on the driveshaft, if they get a little dry they can make a nice loud clunk echoing in the hollow driveshaft.

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