CNG as a fuel source? anyone tried it, how is it?

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  1. PantheraUncia

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    A coworker of my sent me this link and I know that GM also offers CNG on some trucks, is it worth it? have any of you used it work work trucks or personal trucks?

    And the article is not being honest, it does not cost $1 per gallon to operate that truck. But is it better than straight gas or diesel?

    I am seeing prices of $1.53 - $2.63 I guess it is per liquid gallon? of CNG? which would be allot cheaper than 87 Oct. unleaded. (At least in NC). But there are only 4 CNG stations within 100 miles of me :-(
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    1) Main market focus has been city fleets, so there are refueling points in major cities but not on routes between cities, so there are large parts of the USA that you just can't get to or from because they're out of range. Any given refueling point can close at any time and some have due to fire, mechanical problems, loss of major customer, etc.

    2) The tank occupies a good portion of the truck bed.

    3) Refueling times are substantially longer than for gasoline or diesel.

    So they may be right for some people whose usage is close to the fleet model. If all you ever do is drive your truck around whatever city you live in, and you have another car or truck you use for road trips, maybe cng is right for you.
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    the use of methane (CNG) for vehicles in Italy started in the 1930s and has continued off and on until today. Since 2008 there have been a large market expansion for natural gas vehicles (CNG and LPG) caused by the rise of gasoline prices and by the need to reduce air pollution emissions.

    Well,unfortunately I am not equipped CNG, LPG ​​only, which is almost the same thing.
    If you interrested, my modified vehicle is visible at the following link:

    This post was written in 2009 and I am still running with and without particular problems.

    Best regards.
  4. PantheraUncia

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    Hi Frenchie,

    Thank you for the information. It looks like you had some improvement in km/per litre (MPG) but considering the cost of the upgrade to the vehicle here, it may not be so cost effective for me to install a LP/CNG kit with those numbers.

    I wish it the increase was more.

    Thank you and the conversion looks great.

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