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    Hello everyone,I am new here and in need of some help. My daughter just bought a 2003 sonoma 4x4 automatic 4 door from my uncle. The ABS light and brake light were on so before I bought it I took it to my friends cause he has a good code reader. The code came back C0265 which is the brake control sensor error which I hear is very common. My uncle said it use to come and go but has been lit for awhile now and my buddy couldnt clear it but my uncle gave her a good deal so we bought it. She picked it up today from him and holy cow the lights were not on.Well its starting to sleet and snow here in Missouri and awhile ago she was driving it and the back tired slipped a little when she pull out of a parking lot and all the sudden the dang abs and brake light came back on again.Was this just a coincidence or did that have something to do with the abs light coming on? What should I check to fix this?
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    I hope for your sake this is something that you can live with, meaning that the truck is not dangerous to drive. The brake control sensor is part of the EBTCM (electronic brake traction control module), there is a black plastic box on the bottom of the ABS unit in the engine compartment this is the EBTCM. I had one go bad on my Firebird, and the dealer wanted $2,000 for this part and regular part stores even NAPA don't carry this. I went to the junkyard and got one for $25.00, I didn't have the code you have but I had major ABS problems.
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    I'd look for a good used ABS unit, I fixed my son's with 1 pulled from a wreck w only 11K on it, been fine for the last 4 years, and I know this makes driving in the winter safer for him, not like the good ol' days when we had to pump the brakes lightly and not try to steer
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    That code indicates a faulty EBCM (ABS module), very common problem, I had the same issue with my own truck and had seen many cases on my years as a chevy tech, a new module runs for about $800 and up to $1200, however there are many rebuilders out there, I highly reccomend, I have personally used them many times and their service is far superior than others, you should give em a call. the full link is:
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