Code C0265 EBCM Relay Circuit

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by mayo, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. mayo

    mayo New Member

    Seems it is a common failure with these trucks since some guys on ebay seem to repair them. Anyone have any schematics on this of what the common failure is? Sounds like it must be a bad solder job or something, wouldn't mind trying to fix it my self.
  2. Iz3k34l

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  3. mayo

    mayo New Member

    cool I didn't know there was a grounding issue as well, do you know the location of the ground?
  4. Jimmiee

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    Look right under your driver door and you will see the ground wires. My truck has 2 seperate wires and bolts that ground them. It doesn't hurt to remove the bolt, clean the threads and sand the frame. Install the bolt and paint it blac to seal it.
  5. mayo

    mayo New Member

    Ya I found it, the truck had original one owner and no accidents and was under coated, I think the problem is the pump it self.

  6. chevymastertech

    chevymastertech New Member

    That code indicates a faulty EBCM (ABS module), very common problem, I had the same issue with my own truck and had seen many cases on my years as a chevy tech, a new module runs for about $800 and up to $1200, however there are many rebuilders out there, I highly reccomend, I have personally used them many times and their service is far superior than others, you should give em a call. the full link is:
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  7. impressionfelt

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    You can find the fix on youtube...
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  8. impressionfelt

    impressionfelt New Member

    you can find the fix on youtube....
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  9. NewSurak

    NewSurak New Member

    The fix seems to work on my 2003 Envoy!

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