Code P0200 abd P0300

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by nickpatton_189, Jun 29, 2010.

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    so last night a couple friends and i went through the proses of changing out my knock sensors. after a couple of hours of working and jacking around we finally got the intake man. off and got to the sensors. replaces both sensors and went about on reinstalling everything back. once everything was reinstalled i went to start my truck and of course it took a little while to start cause off the lack of gas, once it finally got around to it started. ran nasty at first then idled OK but now its just real choppy and you can hear and feel the misfires. the first code that popped up was the P0200 injector circuit, then after leaving it running a while and taking it around the block the P0300 random misfire popped up, i have no idea what the problem could be. there are no gas leaks, everything seems to be hooked up the same way it came off. i just dont know where to even start to try to solve the problem. does anyone have any help for me?? im leaving for dallas on july 7th to start school, and i still have to put my truck in the shop for my front bumper cause i had a very minor fender bender, and i still have to install my new full leveling kit and alignment short after that, so i dont have much time at all. please help
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    How are your cats? Check your spark plugs and wires as well, make sure the wires aren't loose.

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