Code P0449, Parts, and Headlights? 2007 GMC Sierra WT Classic

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Goldie, Jul 28, 2013.

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    My 07 Sierra W/T Classic with the 4.3L engine threw the P0449 code (Evaporative Vent Solenoid). My son went to our local Advance Auto Parts store to pick up the necessary parts. The folks there wanted to know if my truck had the split headlight assembly or the solid headlight assembly in order to provide the correct part. Can someone help me out with this dilemma? Which does my truck have? An also advise why the headlight assembly makes a difference?

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    goldie, as there were 2-Models of Sierra's you could have bought in 2007"....the first was the 07" NBS GMT-800 Model and the 07" NNBS GMT-900 Model, they have different Headlight Housing"Assembly"......that's why Advance Auto is asking which Headlight Housing"Assembly".....Tell the Folks at Advance Auto...:lol:.......your Sierra which is a W/T Classic"GMT-800 Model" and has Split Headlight lights,

    I entered your Sierra's Information...."2007" W/T Classic W/4.3 Liter, In the Advance Auto Web Site link below, and I looked-up
    "(Evaporative Vent Solenoid)"....and I also Cross Referenced this Part from A/C Delco's Online Parts Catalog, and Below it shows the Following,

    Link to
    Advance Auto Web Site,

    [TABLE="class: cms_table"]
    [TD="align: center"]This Information is from AC Delco's Online Parts Catalog
    [TD="align: center"][/TD]
    Part Number: 214-2082
    Product Notes:
    Evaporator Emission Canister Vent Valve Solenoid Kit
    Reg Cab ; Ref bul 02-06-04-037c for replacing hose ; Classic LS,, Classic WT

    Per Vehicle: 1; Years: 2007-2007[/TD]

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    [MENTION=25593]99'HEARTBEAT[/MENTION] - Just wanted to say a big Thank You for the assitance and write up. It is yet another example of the of the quality of fine people who are at this site!
    Here's the back ground and the latest on my situation. Late last week my warning system came on with a loose fuel cap message. I pulled over and although it was secure gave it another good twist. Over the weekend my truck showed the P0449 code. Hence, my first message. Between chasing parts that didn't fit gave my fuel cap another couple of checks. Yesterday, out of curiousity, I cleared the code and ran a bunch of stop and go type errands. Once a gain I received the loose fuel cap message. And once again, found it to be tight and gave it another shot of tightening to be sure. I've put on close to 50 miles on the truck since I cleared the code without receiving another CEL. After checking; my original valve positioned by the fuel tank, was replaced about 4 years ago while the truck was under warranty. After talking with a trusted mechanic, it appears that if the CEL come on again with the 0449 code, it would be advisable to repalce the valve that is on the intake manifold.

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