Code PO336: crankshift position sensor...

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by vulcania, Sep 23, 2011.

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    99 CK 1500 (5.7 L) 4WD Auto...

    Truck died two weeks ago and wouldn't start; towed it home. Thought it might be a fuel problem. Replaced the inline filter and after cranking it for ten minutes it started back up again and seems to run fine.

    I haven't driven it any great distance since then, because I've heard fuel pumps can be intermittent before failing completely, and I'm not sure if it's reliable. But it has started and ran for at least ten minutes daily for the past week.

    SO TODAY... Put a OBD-2 scanner on it: code is PO336: something amiss with the crankshaft position sensor.

    Replacing the sensor seems simple enough. But the Haynes manual says, "Anytime a crankshift position sensor is disturbed, a Crankshaft Position Sensor Variation Learning Procedure should be performed, or a false misfire diagnostic trouble code may be set. If after replacing the sensor, a false diagnostic trouble code is set, take the vehicle to a dealership service department for the procedure."

    I'd like to avoid that since there is no longer a Chevrolet Service Department on the Island of Hawaii. So...

    Q: What if anything can I do while swapping the sensor, to make sure the installation is correct, and the "procedure" isn't necessary?

    Q: What does the "procedure" involve? (Is it something I can do myself with an OBD-2 scan tool?)

    Thanks in advance,

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    well i have done a Crank sensor before on different GM trucks this is interesting.Where did you find that warning again..? okay sorry re read your postt is the truck at all now..?If nor do the cranks sensor,as the book says it_may_

    Sorry to hear the islands dont even have a GM dealership left,do you have any major automotive repair chains on the islands at all.
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    Does your scanner have the ability to read the freeze frame data? That will tell you what the engine was doing at the time the code set. Once you have that data recorded. Clear the codes and see if it returns. While you are waiting to see if the code returns, put the Haynes manual on the back of the toilet. That way if you run out of toilet paper, you will have something useful that manual can do for you. Then get a HELMS manual. Google it and you will find the web address. They can sell you the factory authorized manual for your truck. I have a 98 and the manual consists of 4 books that stacked on top of each other will be about 8" thick. I think with shipping you are looking at $150 or less. The book is detailed enough that if some one gave you that truck in a box, you should be able to put it together with the proper tools.

    Look for a loose or damaged wire. That is pretty much the standard response to all DTCs before you start replacing parts. Good luck and keep the thread updated. I can try and scan the diagnostic procedures and send those to you but lets make sure you have an issue. Clear the codes and see if they come back.

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