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  1. Bbad

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    ok people i need some knowlege on how to put in my new coil spring spacers they are afco universal coilspring spacers and i just want to know if there easy to put in or if there a pain
  2. collinsperformance

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    there are a few different way spacers work some go in the spring. use a 3/8 ratchet wrench and 1/4-1/2 turn and put one per side. anoth style uses 2 caps and bolts to compress or spread coils and there are the type that go on top or under the coil spring and there are coil spring mount extenders. so which set did you get? and why did you want or need the space and how are you going to drive this vehicle when the spacers are in place?.....mike
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    they are not too bad to put in but just be careful. you may need a spring compressor to install them but you might be able to get away with out it. ive done it a few times on jeeps and didnt use a spring compressor but my brother used a compressor on a dodge with much stronger springs and still had some trouble. i would say use one cuz it will only help you out.
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  5. black jack

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    the first question i have to ask is is it for front or is it for rear. rears are a piece of cake fronts that a dif story i did rears and plan on adding a second spacer to rear today, give a little more lift. so are doing the front and rear or just fronts.
  6. MWright936

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    I have read one guy's story on here where he put on coil spring spacers on the front to level out his truck, then his ride quality went to crap. He ended up having to get new (longer) shocks in the front, then it was fine. I know the ReadyLift leveling kit comes with shock spacers, at least for my application. I guess it's to keep the shocks from over-extending.

    I'm not sure if it's a requirement, but it's something to check into before you put those on there. Maybe someone else on here will have more informed advice on this matter.
  7. tbplus10

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    If they arent in yet you'll need a coilspring compressor to install them. You need to get the compressor on the stock coil spring and compress it an inch or two then drop the swaybar (for front) and force the suspension down to remove it from the truck. Use caution when using the compressor always make sure the coil is securely held by the compressor failure to do this could be fatal. When loosening the compressor on an uninstalled coil use caution that the coil doesnt get away from the compressor this also could cause fatal injuries to personnel. After removing the coil use the compressor on the replacement spring to compress it, force the susp. down and place the new spring in place. Reassemble the truck.
    You'll probably need an alignment afterwards.
    As noted your ride will now be harsher, and you may need extenders for the shocks or new longer shocks.
    It's much easier to operate the coilspring compressor with an impact gun to compress or decompress the springs.

    Brand: AFCO
    Product Line: AFCO Adjustable Coil Spring Spacers
    Part Type: Coil Spring Spacers
    Part Number: AFC-20192
    Spring Spacer Thickness (in): 2.000 in.
    Spring Spacer Position: Front and rear
    Spring Spacer Material: Aluminum
    Spring Spacer Finish: Black
    Quantity: Sold individually.
    Notes: Trim to fit design.

    Curious as to what they mean by this note, I've never had to trim any of the coil spacers I've used before.
  8. black jack

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    you are correct thats what i did. if you dont the shock will over extend and fail. but in my case the front looked like it was a little higher then rear so i added a longer shock and a 3/4 spacer. but now i cranked the front up alittle more to try to get rid of rubbing then the rear looked lower so now ive added another 3/4 spacer to give it a 11/2 in rear lift. now it looks good. but remember what ever you do to front it can change rear also will neeed an alignment will set camber off.
  9. BombaStar

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    Spring compressor ftw.

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