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    Does anybody know what coilovers would work perfectly for my truck? im looking to replace my front stock ones and upgrade to maybe some king's. But my questions is does anybody know what size would be perfect for my truck? my truck has a 12 inch suspension lift on it so would a 12' coil work? btw yes i do take my truck offroad so i would want this for performance as well as for driving around.
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    Who made your lift? King Shock will make a coilover to go with some kits. Fox may do the same thing. Fabtech sells one with their Dirt Logic line. Bilstein is another one to look into I beleive it is the 9000 series.
    When you go to order some you will need some info. Like total stroke (full compression to full droop) length, the weight of the vehicle for either front or back to help with spring selection. Do you want dual springs or single. Do you want remote res or not. There may be more info that require but that is all I can think of right now.

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